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Origami Yoda meets Frankie Pickle and the Sisters Grimm

Actually, Origami Yoda didn’t meet Frankie Pickle or the Sisters Grimm. But I did get to meet the authors of those books, Eric Wight and Michael Buckley!

Here’s me, O.Y. and Eric Wight author of Frankie Pickle at Book Expo earlier this week.

Sadly, the picture of Michael Buckley holding Origami Yoda didn’t turn out because we were in a dark room at the ABC Not-A-Dinner. Michael kindly agreed to stand under a light, but it wasn’t to be.

I also posed for a photo with Amy Ignatow of the Popularity Papers, but that picture hasn’t surfaced yet.

Origami Yoda and the Origami Masters!

Book Expo was just incredible and I met a lot of amazing people!

Perhaps the most unexpected surprise was a chance to meet Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander, two amazing paper artists and stars of the Origami documentary “Behind the Folds.”

I was signing copies of “Origami Yoda” and suddenly there they were. Here’s proof:

The bad news was that we only had a minute to talk and I wasn’t able to stay in the city long enough to see their folding demonstration the next day.
But I did get to visit their publishers’ booth later and see some of their work. Including their unbelievable alligator and the amazing “Wilbur the Pig” which was featured in the documentary. Some pig! The liveliness is astounding. It’s one of my all-time favorite Origami pieces.
See it here…

Origami Yoda and Yoda in Times Square

Just got back from BEA in NYC. Met kidlit masters and, more surprisingly, two origami masters! (details to follow.)
For now, here’s Origami Yoda posed in front of the big Yoda billboard in Times Square…

Super-folder Matt is first with Deluxe Model Origami Yoda #starwars

I was worried that the Deluxe Origami Yoda instructions were too hard/confusing, but Matt proves it can be done.

This guy’s awesome. Somebody get him some green/white origami paper!

Finally! Instructions for folding an Origami Yoda like the one on the cover!

IMPORTANT: If you’re just looking for a simple Origami Yoda to fold, GO HERE.

The truth is that this Yoda is not folded the same way as the one on the cover of “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.” However, it looks similar… sometimes.

The great thing about this particular origami Yoda design is that there’s plenty of room to “sculpt” Yoda the way you want to. Of course, the bad thing is that sometimes your sculpture may come out looking a little funny. (Like the one in these instructions, perhaps!

I call this Origami Yoda the Deluxe model. It will be helpful if you have already folded my SIMPLE YODA model and maybe even my WORLD’S EASIEST MODEL.

If you just want to fold a nice Yoda finger puppet without a lot of bother, then I recommend one of the other two. This one is really for the person who’s willing to wrestle with the paper a while.

If that’s you then here it goes…

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Kids make the darnedest Yodas! #starwars

Here are some of the wild Origami Yodas that kids made at my folding demonstrations on the DC book tour!

Oregon kid has hands full of Origami Yodas

Here’s a Oregon 6th grader who wasn’t even going to read the book at first! I’m glad he did because look what he made:

John’s Giant Origami Yoda is big enough to hold the book! @mrschu #starwars

John, a 5th grader from Illinois, thinks big! This Yoda may be larger than life-size!

Book tour wind-down and a great kid-made Origami Yoda

The weekend mini-book tour to D.C. was great. I started with two shows at my old middle school near Staunton, Va., then zoomed up to Hooray for Books in Alexandria.  That’s where a kid made this:

Thanks to CROGSLC for the photo!

The next day at the Gaithersburg Book Festival I folded a lot more Yoda AND got to meet some great authors:

Thanks to Sara Lewis Holmes for the photo! That's her on the left, me on the right and Erica "Chicken Butt" Perl in the middle. (She's the author of "Chicken Butt" as well as other picture books and the new YA novel Vintage Veronica.) Sara is the author of "Operation Yes" and "Letters from Rapunzel."

I also met “Struts and Frets” author Jon Skovron and up-and-comer Linda Acorn.

The next day I went to a really great Barnes & Noble in Rockville, MD, and then headed back home.

Next week:NYC!

16 May, 2010 19:25

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