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Peter the Soccer Star’s Origami Yoda

GOAALLL! A reader named Peter sent me this picture of his awesome Origami Yoda AND reported the score of his latest soccer game. (A 1-1 draw.)

Origami Yoda gets starstruck at #ALA10

Lisa Yee’s pictures of her marshmallow peep, Peepy, posing with celebrities are so cool! So my first trip to ALA was a chance for me to try the same thing with Origami Yoda. It was an enormous success and the authors I asked to pose with Yoda were all willing, but it has left me rather shaken and humbled.

For instance, here’s Grace Lin shortly before her big night as one of this year’s Newbery Honor winners!

Here’s another reason I’m humbled…. Newbery-winner AVI listening to Origami Yoda’s advice…

I wouldn’t have had the nerve to ask AVI if another humbling personage, Brian Floca, hadn’t broached the subject with him after balancing Origami Yoda on his nose…

Here’s Queen of Librarians Nancy Pearl!!! She was very gracious…

Here are two superstars of Kid Comics… Johnny Book creator James Kochalka and Owly & his creator Andy Runton…

Somehow Amy Ignatow managed to walk away with the ARC for the “Leaving the Bellweathers” sequel AND my picture of Bellweather author Kristin Venuti disappeared!
And Mockingbird author Kathryn Erskine and I had so much Asperger’s stuff to talk about I forgot to get her photo!

Origami Yoda and the Scholastic Book Fairs!

Check out the big Book Fair banner on display at the Scholastic Booth at ALA in DC….

That’s just a corner of the banner, of course, but man is it ever a fine looking corner!

I also got to take home a little pack of bookmarks…

I had a chance to tell the nice folks at the Scholastic booth how important the Scholastic book flier was to me as a kid. It is so exciting that Scholastic is now helping Origami Yoda reach more kids!

A peek inside the Italian version of Origami Yoda (also McRib pic)

In case you missed it on, the Italian version of “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” is now out.

The title, La Mia Vita Con Yoda, translates to “My Life with Yoda.”

You can see some more of it in this PDF.
What’s amazing is that they translated so many little bits and pieces. The acknowledgements, the sign on the trash can, Shakespeare saying “Oh poop!” and on and on. That’s only natural, but I guess I never realized just how glorious it was going to be to see all my crazy stuff translated into another language.

Some things I guess just don’t translate: they called the Rib-B-Q a hamburger. In fact, the Rib-B-Q was the school cafeteria version of the McRib.

For those of you who don’t know what a McRib is, here’s the Wikipedia explanation:

The McRib consists of a formed ground pork patty, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles served on a 6 inch (15.2 cm) roll. The patty is precooked, frozen and later reheated.

Or, translated into Italian by GoogleTranslate:

Il McRib è costituito da un terreno costituito patty carne di maiale, salsa barbecue, cipolle e sottaceti servita su un 6 pollici (15,2 cm) roll. La Patty è precotto, congelato e poi riscaldato.

Introducing … Origami Admiral Ackbar!

Here’s Admiral Ackbar as an origami finger puppet. It’s a pretty simple design and I hope to be able to put instructions online soon and/or teach people in person.

Here’s the evolution of Origami Admiral Ackbar. First one was way too wide. The next one way too skinny. Then I got the proportions pretty well on the third try. I used this one as a guide to fold the next two. (I had a limited amount of orange/white paper and had to be careful…)

Origami Yoda loves libraries…

Here are some kids and their Yodas at the Eagle Rock Library in Eagle Rock, VA:

A lot of these kids were too young for the book, but they were old enough to fold their own Origami Yodas. Here’s a close-up:

And from a few thousand miles away, here’s a photo sent in by a UK librarian. As you can see, she has also made a couple of those awesome boxes from

Meanwhile, I’m preparing for another library show on Friday @4 in Arlington VA and, of course, the American Library Association Convention in DC all weekend.

The Boing Boing post that inspired “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.”

Lots of people ask me how I got the idea for the book and my answer goes like this:
“I was messing around on the Internet and saw a picture of an incredible origami Yoda. But I knew it was too hard for me to fold, so I tried to make my own simple version. When I was done I realized it was a finger puppet and then … blah blah blah.”

Well, I think I have found the actual post where I first saw that origami Yoda.

It’s a Boing Boing post, written by Cory Doctorow himself. And it had a drawing of the Yoda, not a photo. It is, of course, the sensational Fukiami Kawahata model!

(I think this image is from the PDF of the Kawahata instructions, which is here.)

One odd thing though, this post is from 2005 and I would have thought the whole thing happened in 2006. Not sure what that means…

It’s funny that 5 years after Boing Boing posted this, people are still blogging/tweeting/facebooking various photos of the Kawahata model around. I get frustrated though, that most of the time Kawahata’s name is not attached. He deserves credit for his perfect little Yoda.

Cover for the Italian version of “Origami Yoda”

Chad Beckerman has just put up a completely awesome post about the Evolution of the Origami Yoda cover! He’s stuff I had totally forgotten about. And his crazy first ever cover idea was something I had never seen before.

He had something else I had never seen before, too. The cover for the ITALIAN version! It translates to “My Life with Yoda.” That’s a pretty good title. I’m assuming the word “origami” isn’t as well known in Italy as it is here.

One interesting tidbit: Apparently, they don’t have spelling bees in Italy, so that whole spelling bee chapter got the axe. They probably don’t have “mulct” either so it really wouldn’t have made any sense.

Superduper kid-made Origami Yoda giftwrap upgrade! #starwars

Kidlit author Boni Ashburn spotted this Origami Yoda at a birthday party and snapped a picture for me:

Hey @OrigamiYoda- I was just at a kid's bday party and look w... on Twitpic

You can click on it to see the details, such as the drawn-on lightsaber. With wrapping this cool, it must have been an awesome present!

WOW! Librarian makes trippy Origami Yoda book trailer!

I can hardly believe it! This video just appeared on Cherry Hill, NJ, Library’s book blog…

Actually I can’t figure out how to embed it, so please click here to check it out.

And, since I always try to be clear about Who Is the Master? The origami Yoda you’ll see in the video is not mine but rather Fukiami Kawahata’s.


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