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Kid makes cool “Got Origami?” milk carton with Yoda-riffic surprise inside #starwars

Librarian Kelly Butcher sent me these pictures of new super-folder Mitchell and his “Got Origami” creation.

There’s a surprise inside….

Now, I have to admit I was suspecting a Yoda inside. But I wasn’t suspecting a Kawahata Yoda! That’s some serious folding!

Allendale Columbia School kids fold Yoda & recreate book cover

Check out his picture from Allendale Columbia School! Looks like the real thing! Maybe this could be the cover of Book #6. (Since there are 6 Yodas…)

You can see close-ups of the Yodas and read the librarian’s review of the book at her blog, BookGerms.

A sneak peek at my next book … (warning: no Yoda) #kidlit

That’s right, my next book doesn’t have origami or Yoda. Origami Yoda 2 is my next-next book.

But, if you’d like a peek at my next book, check out this map I’ve been working on …

You’ll probably need to click on it to see much…

The book is called : “Horton Halfpott” and I really hope you’re going to like it despite the lack of origami, Yoda and Cheeto-Hogs. Instead it’s got secrets, Shipless Pirates, pickle eclairs, Snooping Stableboys and all sorts of other hubbubbery.

Goodbye, Dwight (drawing)

Here’s the original drawing of Dwight from Chapter 1 of Origami Yoda.
Why is it going in an envelope? Because I gave it away through a contest at the Mixed Up Files of Middle Grade Authors Website

Would you like to get your hands on a piece of original art from the book? Stay Tuned …. I’m going to have a contest right here real soon.
If you could win any drawing from the book, which one would you want?

Star Wars Blueprints artist Chris Reiff’s Origami Yoda drawing #starwars

I think I’ve made it pretty clear how amazed I am by Chris Reiff. Just look at his books like Star Wars Blueprints or the Millenium Falcon 3-D Users Manual and you’ll be amazed, too.

So, you can imagine how happy I am to own this….

… yep, I asked Reiff to draw me an Origami Yoda and he did — a really great one!
I expected him to doodle a little something, but he really went to town. First he sketched it in blue pencil, then he inked it. I love the way he handled the feet and hand. And the face he drew on there is spectacular!

Of course the big question is… can it be folded? Looks possible … maybe. Definitely difficult! If any of you super-folders out there want to give it a try, I’d love to see what you come up with.

Newest Super-folder shares picture from Star Wars Celebration V

Just heard from Jack, a cool kid I met at Celebration V.
He sent a photo from my folding workshop…

And a photo of some of his origami! Wow! That’s some fine looking folding!

That’s three different styles of Origami Yoda, an Origami Vader and Origami Ackbar! Nice!

Scholastic Book Fair’s Origami Yoda book trailer now online!

I hardly know what to say other than: OMG!

Scholastic Book Fair’s has made a book trailer for Origami Yoda with special effects, animation and a rapid-fire voice over!

View it here…

I can hardly tell you how surreal it is to see one of my little doodles being animated Weston Woods style! Wow!

Star Wars Blueprints artist Chris Reiff at Decatur Book Festival

The Star Wars Extravaganza at Decatur Book Festival paired me and O.Y. with amazing Star Wars artist Chris Reiff. (Not to mention the members of the 501st Legion and the very funny drum-playing emcee.)

This is Reiff onstage with an ATAT Driver…

Reiff is absolutely awesome — and I made sure to tell the crowd that. Here I am showing my copy of the AMAZING new Millenium Falcon 3-D Owner’s Guide by Reiff, Trevas and Ryder Windham…

Not only does he draw the incredibly detailed Star Wars Blueprints (with Chris Trevas) but the two of them are the ones who are actually figuring out a lot of the important details: like the actual length of the Millenium Falcon or the use for that little gas cylinder Han Solo had in his gunbelt.
Even Spiderman is a fan!

One of the side-benefits of all this was that I got to hang out with Chris, who is also a toy designer (check out his work!) and Legomaniac. Here we are doing a little shopping at the Little Shop of Stories book tent… Looks like he’s checking out Frankie Pickle and I’ve got Daniel Boom. (no idea who the kid is.)

Once again, thanks to Steve Altis for the pictures!

More Origami Yoda action from Decatur Book Fest featuring Mr. Daniel Boom

There was so much going on at the Decatur Book Festival I couldn’t get it all in one post.
Here’s some of the action from my folding workshop, which was part of the Star Wars Extravaganza with artist Chris Reiff and members of the 501st!

Recognize the dude from that last picture? That’s D.J. Steinberg, Daniel Boom author! (And co-writer of Rock-A-Doodle!) What a nice guy, too.

These photos were taken by my pal Steve Altis, who some* will remember from my comic books about Sawfish Larry and Steve.

*just me and Steve actually

Origami Yoda audiobook available soon!

Recorded Books has the info on pre-ordering Origami Yoda: The Audiobook. It will come out in October.

I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m super excited because voice actor extroidinaire Mark Turetsky is reading a good bit of it. The dude just won The Audiofile Earphone Award for reading Jodi Picoult’s “House Rules.”


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