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Kid-Made Origami Yoda Art

There are no words for how awesome this art is…

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Origami Stormtroopers

Instead of working on the stuff I really should be getting done, I’ve been trying to fold Origami Stormtroopers yet again.

This time, the results are semi-satisfactory. Here are some of the preliminary folds:

And here is the finished piece:

Note: This is a sheet of paper that is black on one side, white on the other. The eyes are the black side of the paper. The mouth and the black spots on the sides are merely added decorations. (On some of the preliminary models, the black spots are actually created by origami, but it takes a lot of fussing and fiddling to get them in the correct spot and then they still look all lumpy.)

First Ever Origami Yoda Poetry

Here’s a poem from Super-Folder Ben. I would call him a Super-Rhymer, but it isn’t that kind of poem….


Thanks, Ben!


UPDATE: Now Ben has a limerick:

There was once an Origami Yoda
People thought he lived in a pagoda
He was made by a kid named Dwight
Who was bonkers in the head because his head was quite tight
Which gave Dwight his nimble fingers that could fold Origami Yoda


Anyone else want to send in a poem? I’ll post them here if you do…



Super-Folder Connor shows us a real fancy Origami Yoda…

Origami Yoda cover recreated on school bulletin board!

Library Media Specialist Holly Bigham at Cary Woods Elementary School in Alabama made this awesome bulletin board for their special reading week!

Have great reading week and … May The Books Be With You!

More Darth Paper Contest Photos now on Flickr

Readers have been sending in some FANTASTIC Darth Paper photos!! Like this one….

and this one…

Darth Paper outnumbered by Origami Yodas! by Super-Folder Houston

I’ve added a lot to the Flickr set. In fact we now have over 50 entries!!! TAKE A LOOK!

Here’s the map, but it looks a little meager. Darth Paper can’t seem to conquer the West Coast!!!

Keep sending in those photos, for your chance to win an ADVANCE copy of Darth Paper BEFORE it’s available in stores this summer/fall!

Frequently Asked Questions — The McQuarripedia

Lots of questions roll in by email or as comments on various posts.
I thought it might be good to put them all in one place, so you can all have all the answers.
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Tennesee Super-Folders show off AWESOME collection of Origami Yodas!

I just love this photo!

Super-folders, let’s talk about Super Books!

Some Super-Folders have been telling me about books they like. I figured if we all posted our favorites here we’d end up with a list of some really great books!

I’ll start and you can join in by adding some of your favorite books in the comments.

Lizard Music by Daniel Pinkwater … I went nuts for this book the first time I read it and I still love it. Funny, but more than funny. If your school library doesn’t have this, tell the librarian to get it. They just reprinted it. if you’d like to listen to the author read it, you can download the audiobook for free from his Website.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin … My favorite recent book. An amazing story that springs from Chinese folklore but is retold by a modern master storyteller.

Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl by Louis Sachar… My favorite of the Marvin books. Really genius. Louis Sachar is a big influence on my books.

I’ve got a million more, of course, but it’s your turn now. Tell us about your favorites…

What’s inside Darth Vader? Reiff and Trevas will show us… #starwars

You guys know the AWESOME Millenium Falcon 3-D Owners Guide, right?

Here’s me holding the book… Illustrator Chris Reiff is on the left. Reiff is a serious Star Wars and Lego expert. Wow, he really knows his stuff!

Well, Reiff, his co-illustrator Chris Trevas and writer Daniel Wallace are bringing out a similar book that will show you exactly what is inside Vader’s armor/helmet.

Darth Vader: A 3-D Surgical Log

Darth Vader: A 3-D Surgical Log presents a head-to-toe view of the galaxy’s greatest villain. All of his systems—sense organs, biological implants, armor, computers, and more—are explained and explored with notes from the droids who performed the surgeries, call-outs, illustrations, and diagrams. As the pages are turned, Vader’s inner workings are revealed within the die-cut window. When the book is closed, the layers fit together to create a complete model of the Sith Lord.

I was lucky enough to meet artist Chris Reiff and get a signed copy of the Falcon guide. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get this one, too…

PLUS, he drew a picture of Origami Yoda for me. So now I need to talk him into drawing Darth Paper!


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