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SuperFolders, can you keep a secret?

Hi, SuperFolders. Can you keep a secret? because if not, don’t read this. This is TOP SECRET. I’m not sending it out on Twitter … It is just for US to read…

I’ve been working on a new book…

No, it’s not Darth Paper.
And it’s not even Fake Mustache.
This is the book that will come out AFTER DP and Fake Mustache, possibly in August of 2012.

I can’t tell you anything about the book at this point, except this:

There’s going to be a very important word in the book. And it’s going to be a word that WE all know quite well by now.

Are you ready?

The word is…

New Website of interest to SuperFolders

SuperFolder Jake has just launched his OYIT Website…

If you don’t know what an OYIT is, i guess you better get over there and find out!!!

Exclusive photo of me and Jeff Kinney in New Orleans….


SuperFolder Edwin folds the Kawahata Yoda!

Only a few SuperFolders have been able to make a cover Yoda…
Even fewer have been able to fold the world’s greatest origami Yoda, the Kawahata Yoda…
(Sadly, I am not one of them. It’s too hard for me!)

Well, now we add another SuperFolder to that very short list: SuperFolder Edwin…

Congratulations, Edwin!

Hi from the road, SuperFolders…

Gang, can you guess what I was doing this morning…

Riding in a LIMO with JEFF KINNEY!
Wow! Amazingly nice, guy!

Met lots of other great folks down here at the American Library Association and bragged about the SuperFolders!

Sneak peek at the first pages of Darth Paper!

Hey SuperFolders! Here’s another sneak peek for you!

Mark Turetsky, who is the voice of Tommy on the audio book vesion of Origami Yoda an Darth Paper, has posted a picture of some pre-Page-1 pages online…

By the way, if you haven’t heard the audiobook of Origami Yoda…. you should! It’s fantastic! Mark and the other readers do an amazing job!

If you’re interested…. here’s a picture of Mark and me when we met in New York!

Fake Mustache Conquers the World!

In case you can’t see it in the picture, the kids in this book club all have FAKE MUSTACHES! (Which look suspiciously like red Twizzlers.)


Because they got a little inside information about the NEXT next book. The book that will come AFTER Darth Paper.
It is not an ORIGAMI YODA book. It is something quite different… a thriller! But hopefully a funny thriller. In fact, hopefully funnier than thrillier. I hope you will like it!

Three weeks left to enter Darth Paper Contest….

[Photo by SuperFolder Jordi]

Just a friendly reminder…. from Darth!

The deadline is July 15. Just (about) three weeks away! Don’t dawdle!

For more info…

It gets better…

Hey SuperFolders!
I try not to get preachy or too personal on this site, but…

If any of you are having a tough time dealing with kids/school/life — like me and Dwight and a lot of other people — and you’re wondering if it will ever get better…

Here’s a video you should watch made by some of my fellow authors and illustrators. IT GETS BETTER!

Darth Mom?

I have now folded about 500 Darth Papers to promote the launch of the sequel. That’s halfway to the 1,000 Origami Yodas I folded when the first book came out.

I do almost all of the folding myself, but it’s nice to get a bit of help gluing on the red foam light sabers…

This is my mom, helping me add light sabers to about 180 Darth Papers!



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