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Happy Halloween!



These pumpkins are both clues to upcoming books!
The Ewok is the star of one chapter of Book 3! (not the whole book!)

And the mustache is for my next book, Fake Mustache coming out in the spring!!!


Webmaster Sam is out of control! He just posted like 20 new pictures on the site! so keep on scrolling down and down and down until you see all the new stuff! When you get to the bottom of this page, click “older entries” because there’s MORE MORE MORE!

SuperDrawer/Folder Wyatt’s cover for Book 3!

I cannot confirm or deny that this will be the title of Book 3, but… it sure is awesome!

More from SuperFolder Winston… R2 with Instrux!

SuperFolder Winston is unstoppable!

Superfolder Winston’s Foot-a-gami!

SuperFolder Winston is totally stooky!

SuperFolder Jean-Paul’s new Yoda design!

Here’s a new way to make an origami Yoda!

SuperFolder Ben’s Instrux for Foldy Wan Kenobi and Luke Skypaper!

It’s an Episode IV spectacular around here today! Here are Foldy Wan and Luke…

Origami Han Solo + Origami Chewie with Instrux by SuperFolder MichaelT!!!

Wow! Chewie and Han AND instrux!

SuperFolder Alex’s Cover Yoda!

Check out the personality of this Cover Yoda! Great folding, Alex!

Origami Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, and Wampa by SuperFolder Andrew!


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