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SuperFolder DarthVader`s Life-size Lightsaber (with construction photos)

New SuperFolder EthanB presentsL Origami Obi Wan Kenobi!

One-paper, four-armed General G from SF EvanS!

SuperFolder/Drawer Fer’s SpaceShip!!

SuperFolder Collin’s Cover Yoda!

VIDEO instrux for the Cover Yoda… from SuperFolder OscarA (?) !!

Is THIS what you’ve been waiting for? Video instructions for folding a Cover Yoda!

I haven’t tried it out yet, but if it works, OscarA just earned himself a spot in the SuperFolder Hall of Fame!

SuperFolder Max’s Origami Yoda-version of “Friday!”

SuperFolder Max sent SuperFolder Artoo the lyrics for an Origami Yoda version of "Friday!" Don’t miss it…

… now that you know the lyrics, who is going to be the first to actually record it and put it on YouTube? I bet they would be WELL REWARDED…

Yodamation needs YOU!


I have a new thing Bobafett1212 and I MIGHT do. Key word in there is MIGHT, because we’re still thinking about it. It’s called (drumroll….) Yodamation!!!! (cricket sound). I know, cheap name, but we’ll make a sort of comic every month or so about Origami Yoda, but before we even THINK about starting, we have decided to ask the other Super Folders if it’s a good idea to add this in: Every “episode” will have a poll after it. If OY should do this or that, and they vote in the comments. Also, we need a poll now for this: Which one of these Yodas should be THE star of Yodamation. The first one is my own design made out of a rectangle, half sheet of paper, and I used the water bomb base, or the second one which if a modified 6 fold version of your 5 fold Yoda (this one has a hand). I for one think it SHOULD be the first one, but I want to hear from the other Super Folders First.
Happy folding,
-Yodamaster and Bobafett1212

SF Eli’s Darth Maul, Skywalker and General G!


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