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SF Lord of the Folds’ Leia!

SF JohnF’s Emperor PaperTime!

SF GavinW’s Fortune Wookiee and Dollar Yoda!

OscarH’s Origami Albert!

OscarH sez:

This is albert Einstein. He is very smart.

SF EliA’s Deluxe Yoda!

SF Trevor’s Rancor!

SF Hansel: Spies assemble!

SF Hansel says:
I made a new webpage.And I want some of you superfolders to join it’s called

Stormtrooper helmet sneak peek!

Introducing SUPER SuperFolder Martin and his incredible Origami AT-AT!

Okay, SuperFolders… Take a look at this AT-AT!

Amazing, huh? It was made by a dude in London named Martin.
I usually don’t let adults into the SuperFolders…. But I think we can make an exception for SF Martin! He’s also a nice guy!

Check out his Flickr page for more amazing Star Wars folds!


Um Hi Guy presents… Origami Einstein does the math!

Um Hi Guy is back with something astonishing!!!!

Um, Hi!
Yes, I have returned, after some time of absence!
I have just completed a small project I’ve been working on for some time.
As you know, one illustration in DPSB claims that TSCOOY contains 30% less Harvey.
Well, I counted:

Every illustation of Harvey.
Every one of Harvey’s comments.
Every time harvey’s name is written.
And possibly every time Harvey said something, I forget.

In both books.
OY- 116 Harveys
DP- 161 Harveys
Through some math, I determined that the actual fact was that TSCOOY contained 40% less Harvey than DPSB!
As Origami Einstein would say, Simple Math!
I’ve also thrown in a Fortune Wookie, one of a few I’ve folded.

(__/) This is Bunny. Copy and paste
(=’.’=) bunny into your signature to help
(”)_(”) him gain world domination.

Eat. Sleep. Read. Fold Paper.


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