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Update: Origami Yoda series

SF OscarU says:
OK guys the most exciting news yet
Origami yoda and the night of fun script is finished wooo actors get ready

SF Oscar’s Paper Clip Yoda!

Another first look: Han Foldo on the back cover!

In addition to the amazing Wookiee on the cover, Cece also made Han Foldo for the back!

She’s a super SuperFolder, don’t you think?

Fortune Wookiee! First look at the book!

I’m not allowed to give it away early… Sorry!

Worlds Smallest R2-D2! (2cm) by SF Tayler!

Origami Yoda goes to the Bahamas!!!

Here are my new friends from the Bahamas! I visited them by Skype this morning!

SF Julio’s website…

SF Julio says: new origami yoda fan club site with upcoming instructions,videos,contest, and more

The website is:

SuperFolder Kokerz Joins The Fortune Wookie League And More

Kokerz says:

I don’t know what the Fortune Wookie League is, but I decided to join it. I’m also revealing my cover Yoda and my Spider-Mole stuffed animal. A note about Spider-Mole: I did not make it, and I don’t know who did. I’m not sure it’s even worthy to put on the site because it has nothing to do with Star Wars or origami, but I’m making an exception.
-SF Kokerz

WB Sam says: I’ll make an exception, too, because Spider Mole rocks!!!

SF Matt’s Jodie O’Rodeo contest entry!

New SuperFolder: SF Adrianna!


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