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Super Folder Rohan’s Yoda!!

SF Zachary joins the Fortune Wookiee League + Legendary Yoda!

SF Pi’s Cover Yoda!

Here’s a new SF (who may be named SF Pi) with a really, really amazing Cover Yoda!

SF MaxiwanKenobi’s Boba Fett!

Here’s a new SF with a real stooky Boba!

SuperDrawer DarthVader`s Drawing of Padme

Superfolder Matson’s General Crease-us

SuperFolder Gabe’s Origami Harry Potter

Foldus Papyrus!!

Prototype Darth Paper by SF Ethan!

Somewhere around here there’s a picture of one of my very first attempts at making Darth Paper. Ethan has somehow recreated that prototype DP!!!

Superfolder Galaxy Jonathan’s Giant Origami Yoda with Pouch and Origami Boba Fold

SF JohnF’s Future Book Cover Idea: Papertine’s Revenge!


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