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Gollum’s Riddle of the Day: How is Dwight like Bilbo Baggins?

They both like to sit in holes!

SF Ty’s Emperor!

A Close-up look at WillK’s Origami…

The other day we saw a giant galaxy of Star Wars origami by WillK. Today we take a closer look….

SF Dom’s Luke with bonus Yodas!


SF Harris’s Super Mario Origami!!!


SF Robbie’s Super Han Solo!

SF Dom’s Origami Yodaverse

SF JR88759’s General G!

Another R-Word violation…

Another commenter has just been blacklisted for using the R-WORD. (And some other nasty talk)

Don’t be the next person to get blacklisted. Be nice. Don’t be a Harvey. And don’t use the R-Word!

Print your own FORTUNE WOOKIEE PAPER!!!!!!

At last! It’s here!
Download and print this picture to make your own Fortune Wookiee paper!
Make as much as you want! Have fun!!!

Thank you Abrams + Lucasfilm for making this possible!


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