The new site is UP!!!

Hey SFs!

The new site is up!!

See you there!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

I’m scared!
I just checked it out…… It’s AMAZINGLY FIZZPOP, but it’s so different! :O

  Noah wrote @

Um, where?

  Noah wrote @

Never mind. It is totally awesome!

  SF Gavin W wrote @


  SF Gavin W wrote @

It wont let me submit any pics

  Yodamaster wrote @

My account messed up! I was the first one there too!

It’s stooky, but so different.

  SF Austin wrote @

!!!!!!!!! :o

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

AWESOME (x)infinity

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

and a new site requires a new name

  Yodamaster wrote @

It just crashed.

  The Angry Shelgon wrote @


  The Angry Shelgon wrote @

I have to make a new account! :D LOL

  SF AustinM wrote @

Do I HAVE to upload a pic of my mom’s signature?

  SF Austin wrote @


  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

Tom i cant log in it wont let me sob sob sob i need to make a new account

  darthcjdude wrote @

Tom I tried to make an account for the name I tried SF Darthcjdude and my password was OK but my name wasn’t! what do I have to do for a name?

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

no spaces

  darthcjdude wrote @


  fantastic torch wrote @

i need jabba the puppet

  darthcjdude wrote @

I just read it ITS AWESOME! I KNOW WHO WAS JABBA! (ps jabba pops up at the END!)

  (Soon To Be) Sf P-Body wrote @

Me: Stoooooky!
R2: Blip bleep bleep! (A new site! Cool!)
R2′s origami P-Body: Bloop. (Huh.)

  Hayden wrote @

i like this site better

  SDA wrote @

tom, will you still use this site?

  stooky folds wrote @

tom is this the end of this site?????

  stooky folds wrote @

i made a wordpress account for nothing????????

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

I have to say this site is cooler… Hey tom will you please still post stuff here the site is like frozen in time exept our comments…

  SF CJ wrote @


  TYSON wrote @

Farewell everyone! (Boo-hoo tears)

  Hayden wrote @

tom please talk to use on this site : (

  joshua benson wrote @

hey guys its me i aint been on here forever i am sorry so whats up? WUG!

  Sf Kit wrote @


  superfoldergeneralcreasus wrote @

I made the last comment ever! -sniff- good_bye old oy site! -sob- We will miss you

  SF Michael wrote @

last comment :P

  judah wrote @

NO this is the last comment… HA! lol.
oh also my new site name is TheWookieMan

  The Evil Jawa wrote @

Last Comment…..R.I.P
May the Folds be With You.

  oyitleader wrote @

Thomas Angleberger. I would like to tell you that today is the day that the O.Y.I.T. Leader Jake Kotherpoli died. he has been battling Lung Cancer
from second-hand smoke and he didnt make it.

  oyitleader wrote @

He trusted me with the login

  sfzipclark wrote @

the website is toast

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