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Great to see Takuo Toda’s paper airplane, The Sky King, in Time Magazine’s list of The 50 Best Inventions of the Year. They even showed the instructions! I folded one of these when it appeared in Wired awhile back. It’s very nice!

Another winning invention was OrigAudio’s folding speakers.

Here’s another brilliant invention — maybe it’ll be in Time next year. It’s so simple, yet changes everything. It’s a 4-hole punch that makes paper fit onto Legos. Check it out on the Make: blog.

DudeCraft has a post up about Christoph Neimann. He’s a kidlit illustrator who has made some of the most beautiful Star Wars crafting I’ve ever seen: Star Wars leaves. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

The Jailbreak blog has an item on the excellent art of folding money so that the president (or other personage) is left wearing a silly hat.

As for Origami Yoda … he’s getting ready to head to the printers. I’ve heard he may hit stores a month early: in March.

Origami Yoda makes the cover…

To see Origami Yoda’s catalog pages… click here and then head for page 39.

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