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The First Reader-Made Origami Yodas!

YA author Dawn Metcalf has posted the nicest piece about “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” with pictures of home-made Origami Yodas, including this one which I think was made by her nephew.

You can read the whole post at:

Any more home-made Yodas out there? Please, send in a picture I can post!

First review

Hard to believe, but someone has actually reviewed Origami Yoda already.

Lazygal — who clearly isn’t all that lazy — gave it 4 out of 5 stars and ended her review with these magic words:

“…will appeal to the Wimpy Kid lover.”

The book arrives!

I actually got my hands on the book for the first time today. It looks even better than I expected. What an amazing journey this has been — from folding my first Yoda finger puppet, to having the idea of the book, to getting the news from my editor that Lucasfilm approved the book. And now getting to add the book to my own well-loved, much-played-with Star Wars collection.

A first look at the actual book…

I haven’t seen the book in person yet, but last night my editor emailed me to say that it existed. And today a picture of the real thing showed up on Chad Beckerman’s blog:

News (of) Paper: World Record Paper Airplane Flight

Here’s the Guardian article on Takuo Toda’s latest feat: a pure Origami plane that flew for 26.1 seconds.

Here’s a previous flight. Check out his amazing throwing technique!


Everyone’s talking about Won Park, these days. Pretty amazing when you’ve got business mags excited about Origami!

Of course, it’s the Star Wars Origami that has going squirrely!


And lastly, Robot Origami Dragon! On a parade float no less…