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Origami Yoda and Popularity Papers reviewed in Richmond Parents Monthly

Richmond Parents Monthly magazine looks great this month:

They’ve given good reviews to both Origami Yoda and another Abrams title, The Popularity Papers!

Review excerpt for The Popularity Papers:

Marissa Moss’s “Amelia” series meets Meg Cabot in this surprisingly funny and honest book.

Review excerpt for Origami Yoda:

“The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” is funny and incredibly relatable. A nice touch is the addition of familiarly cheesy posters adverting school events. There are even instructions on making your own Origami Yoda (magic powers not included).

Click here to read the full reviews.

Win a copy of “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda”

A free copy of “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” is up for grabs — all you have to do is bare your soul and recount your most horrific tale of middle school days for all to see.

Chip Donahue, founder of Kids In the Valley Adventuring, or KIVA, is sponsoring the contest and collecting entries on the KIVA Website.

Whether you’re in middle school now or are recovering, head over there and give it a shot. If you’re not in middle school yet, I bet they’ll consider an elementary school story as well.

He’ll be giving the book away on Friday, March 5, which is the official launch date for the book.
As a bonus, the winner will also get an Origami Yoda bookmark which features a tiny, but real, origami Yoda.

The book is out there!

My editor warned me that a book launch date is not exactly firm. I wasn’t expecting the book to be available until March 5, but my friend Chip has already got his hands on two copies. That’s one more than I have!

Here’s his account:

I just happened to pick up a copy or two tonight at [redacted]. I asked if we could order a couple for next week. The guy said, “Yeah, we got that in” and he brought me a few!

Is the tension mounting?

I’m certainly tense as we approach launch day for Origami Yoda, but who knew that anybody else was?

Well, my excitable friend Chip Donahue has written up a funny post about getting his hands on my one and only hardback copy — and then having to give it back.

Origami Yoda and the Third-Graders

I had a great visit with some third graders today. It was my first ever experiment in teaching a bunch of people to fold Yodas at the same time…

It worked!

Temple Grandin’s TED talk w/ Origami!

Temple Grandin at TED

Here’s a great way to experience the inspirational power of Temple Grandin. It is a wild 20-minute ride through her mind, her work with animals and her demands that kids with Asperger’s and Autism be turned on to science and art.

And YES it includes some Origami! (Robert Lang’s praying mantis.)

*Right now I won’t go into how else this is connected to “Origami Yoda,” though you may be able to figure it out.

Beth’s Book Review Blog “highly recommends Origami Yoda

Beth’s Book Review Blog has a very nice review up for Origami Yoda.

This is definitely highly recommended!

Read the whole review here…