Retconning Origami Yoda…

In case you missed it there was a flurry of posts over at’s Jedi Council Forums in which they attempted to retcon “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.”

In truth, Origami Yoda is not part of the Star Wars Extended Universe and thus does not need to be retconned. But that didn’t stop the forum from trying.

I don’t see an infinities label on it, therefore it HAS to be canon. We just haven’t yet found the appropriate retcon.

Some of it got pretty deep:

[R]emember how far Origami Boba Fett had dissolved when he crawled out of the Sarlacc? There was an initiative to have him be something else, and have him fall into the Sarlacc again to be completely eaten up shortly before “real” Boba Fett climbed out for the third time. Luckily that could be avoided, and he’s remembered as a valid incarnation of Fett.

I offered a prize for the best of the lot and ended up with a tie. Here are the winning entries:

From some work prints I’ve seen online the origami sequences of ROTJ I found the Empororor’s death much more meaningful and frankly scary when he floats down the Death Star shaft and then unfolds into a plain piece of paper. Freakin’ chilling. by Manisphere


I love the part in ANH during the Origami Death Star briefing where they say “The port is ray shielded, so we’ll be using matches” It gets my blood going every time. by MarvelFett11

Great stuff! And it took the idea in directions I never would have considered.

While we’re at it, another Jedi Council Forums user posted a review of Origami Yoda:

It is a kids book very much in the style of “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid”, and I thought it was wonderful. Without giving too much away it’s a story about a kid who is considered to be pretty weird by his peers who uses the “wisdom” of his finger puppet version of Yoda to find his place in the world.

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  coby wrote @

I don’t remember origami fett crawling out of Sarlacc

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