Origami “Origami Yoda” bookmarks

After a couple rounds of prototyping — followed by a session of photocopying — I’ve finally got some completed Origami Yoda Bookmarks…

On the left is the “before” picture, a rectangle of green paper with the necessary info AND Yoda’s robe texture on it. (Yes, it is green paper even if this pic makes it look washed out.)

On the right is the “after” version all folded up and ready to go. The copyright info and the URL have been folded onto the back of the bookmark.

I’ll be giving these out to deserving people — such as kids who do great Yoda impressions. I think this first batch will go to Super-Librarian Cindy Minnick who is organizing the Origami Yoda Library Party, which is coming up on April 25!


  Shaylynn .A.H. wrote @

I Love This Boook My Libary Has This Book And I Only Had 2 Mins To Read It And In That 2 Mins It Was So Intersting I Want This Book!!!!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Hope you can get it! Two minutes isn’t enough!

  super folder tony wrote @

where do you get one???

  christe wrote @

directions to this bookmark i would like please herh herh herh

  Jenny wrote @

Would love to have a set of directions for this bookmark… my students would go crazy over it! Great reading motivation!

  Erin wrote @


  christal wrote @

Please post the PDF file for these! Would love to give them out at a bday party for my son!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

These were a terrible idea. They are very hard to fold. Very annoying. Not worth the effort.

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