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Origami Yoda Folding & Booksigning @ downtown library Fredericksburg VA Sat. 10 a.m.

Hope to see some of you at this event. Free Yoda folding lesson for “Origami Yoda” and Civil War activities for “Stonewall Hinkleman.”

May 1, 10 a.m. …. Central Rappahannock Regional Library Main Branch (“Downtown”) Fredericksburg on May 1 2010 at 10:00.
Joint appearance with Michael Hemphill and Sam Riddleburger. Sponsored by: Jabberwocky Children’s Books and Toys

Andy’s Origami Yoda Book Box

Here’s an A+ book report if I ever saw one.
Andy made this box….

… and when you open it …. [SPOLIER ALERT]

… it’s the scene where Dwight throws Origami Yoda in the lunchroom trash can. Tommy’s there, too, to fish out Yoda, wipe off the baked beans and try to refold him.

Montana Jon’s Origami Yoda

Here’s a jumbo Origami Yoda from Jon, a cool reader up in Montana:

Origami Yoda Book Launch Party Pictures

Darth Maul played Weird Al’s “Y-O-D-A.”

Princess Leia won the costume contest with her cinammon bun hairdo.

The Millenium Falcon made the Cheeto run in less than 12 parsecs.

The Rancor had its eye on these cookies made by library volunteers.

Young Obi-Wan gets a brownie.

Super-fan Remi brought in a huge pile of Origami Yodas she had folded and decorated.

And here’s the incredible librarian who made it all happen … Cindy Minnick!

B&N Folding & Booksigning — with surprise visit from Kellen!

Yesterday’s Barnes & Noble visit was one of my best-signings ever. We folded many, many Yodas …

…. and one of the kids who came looked just like Kellen — the character who doodles everywhere — right down to the glasses! (which you can barely see in this photo…)

(These camera phone images are terrible. I’m hoping to get some better photos from the B&N folks…)

Matthew’s many Origami Yodas

Matthew is my kid of dude: he wasn’t content to make just one Origami Yoda! He’s got 16 here. If he keeps going at this speed he may catch up with me!

And here’s what Matthew has to say:

And thank you so, so, so, so much for writing The Strange Case of Origami Yoda!!!! Here are some pictures!!! Can’t wait for possible sequel!! Your biggest fan, -Matthew

Roanoke & NRV Events this weekend

Saturday, April 24 — 2 p.m. — Folding workshop and booksigning at B&N Tanglewood.

Sunday, April 25 — 2 p.m. — Book Launch Party at Meadowbrook Library, Shawsville.
Lots of free activities! Star Wars Costume Contest with prizes for kids and adults! Music! Food! Folding! Special appearance by Mr. GoodCleanFun and Soapy the Monkey!