How to fake crack your knuckles like Dwight…

Someone found this site by searching for:
“tom angleberger dwight knuckle-popping.”

In case you haven’t read the book yet, fake knuckle-popping is one of Dwight’s special abilities — along with origami, bad Yoda impressions and sitting in holes.

Anyway, I’m afraid the searcher must have left disappointed because I didn’t have the instructions up.
WAIT! Come back! Here they are as drawn by Kellen…


  ERIC wrote @


  chance wrote @

Its too hard! Impoosible!

  ERIC wrote @

your wright i could not do it

  1000yodasin2011 wrote @


  Tom Angleberger wrote @

The master of Fake Cracking Your Knuckles? Better than me? We’ll have to have a duel sometime…

  joshua benson wrote @

im great at it i made it so loud that i thought i broke my fingers

  yodafolder wrote @

that is hard

  SuperFolder MichaelT wrote @

Can I send this too Klutz for The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Vol. 3?

  Sf origamicyborg wrote @

Hey tom can you make a video to show how to fake crack your knuckles cause i dont understand it much

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

This will be in Art2D2!

  OrigamiLord wrote @

Cool! This works sometimes. It makes my fingures hurt like heck the next day.

  OrigamiLord wrote @

Are you going to publish a fifth book? I love your books!

  John wrote @

i can get it just not very loud

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