Origami Yoda Book Launch Party Pictures

Darth Maul played Weird Al’s “Y-O-D-A.”

Princess Leia won the costume contest with her cinammon bun hairdo.

The Millenium Falcon made the Cheeto run in less than 12 parsecs.

The Rancor had its eye on these cookies made by library volunteers.

Young Obi-Wan gets a brownie.

Super-fan Remi brought in a huge pile of Origami Yodas she had folded and decorated.

And here’s the incredible librarian who made it all happen … Cindy Minnick!


  Remi wrote @

oh yeah you spelled my name wrong but i dont care

(the yoda on the right is dog yoda!)

  riddleburger wrote @

Sorry REMI! (I fixed the spelling above.)

You are in the Yoda Folding Hall of Fame!

  origami man wrote @

oh yeah no doubt!!!

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