For Star Wars Day: World’s Easiest Origami Yoda Finger Puppet- only 5 folds

In honor of Star Wars Day, here’s the World’s Easiest Origami Yoda Finger Puppet!

(That’s How-to Fold EZ Origami Yoda instructions, for those of you who are search engines.)

It’s just 5 simple folds! It’s even easier than the one in my book, “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.”


Use a piece of paper about 4 inches long. This one is made with green construction paper.

Now fold on the dotted lines:

Fold #1:

Fold #2:

Fold #3:

Fold #4:

Fold #5:

Last step … draw a face:

Feel free to use a little tape to help his head stay down and to make it a more durable finger puppet.

Now, place on finger and spread Yoda’s wisdom to the world!

If you’d like to fold a more complicated one, use the links on the right to try the Yoda featured in my book or even Kawahata’s amazing version.


[…] here are instructions for making the World's Simplest Origami Yoda. Just 5 […]

  Brent Mac Laren wrote @

I like the book intsructions better.

  Dwight wrote @

I agree

  origami man wrote @

Their both ok right guys?

  Lyndsaye wrote @

i loved the book The Strange case Of Origami Yoda!!! it was an awesome! book…… i love!!! origamii….!!!!!! YODA!!!!!!!……..

  nathan wrote @

Awesome! I did not know that five folds make something perfect! I suggest ages 5-8 make this simple model of Yoda! This would make a nice model for beginners of Origami!

  jeremy wrote @

ya or pepole who are terible at oragami like me also spelling (me only lol)

  tyson wrote @

awwwwwwww…. how cute……. that is cool !!!!

  cesar wrote @

I know right he’s CUTE!

  SF captin uderpants wrote @

WHAT THE FETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  jeremy wrote @

omg this is soooo much easier than book but book has better quality

  Matt wrote @

Easy it is…for beginners it is

  Jordon wrote @

it is so much easier than the book. Thanks!

  bett wrote @

cool it is!!!!

  Zach wrote @

Awesome Yoda fold it

  catherine wrote @

this is si cool and easy!!!!!!i have ur book!!!its AWESOME!!!thx for makin it :)

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thank YOU for reading it!

  yodafan100 wrote @

i hate the easy one because it is boring to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Fair enough! Personally, I like it best because you can make one in emergency situations when Yoda’s advice is needed right away…

  bryan wrote @

I used 2 of these to make a more complicated version with the first ones head as a hood then colored the second on green w/ white hai and just tucked it inside the other one. even without my complications it is still a great origami finger puppet. :)

  Derek wrote @

Let say that Dwight said that in Darth Papaer Strikes Back.

  Super folder Saxon wrote @

I totally agree.😃

  Super folder Saxon wrote @

Yeah, your right.

  Aakif wrote @

These instructions are really easy to follow.So simple!!!!!!!!!

  djb wrote @

thats the most simpple origami yoda i ever made!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Good! i don’t know if it could be any simpler and still have ears….

  Anthony wrote @

Could you make instructions to the cover
Yoda with clearer pictures/drawings)

  dude wrote @

Origami Yoda is awesome! I made it and brought it to school and everybody asked a question.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

That’s great!

  eli wrote @

tom can you send me email instructions for the deluxe vader please at “” please. may the force be with you

  Super folder Saxon wrote @

Yeah, that sounds awesome!

  Aalishan wrote @

I made a darth vader you can see the real face and the mask not to mention the cape and no tape!!

  michael wrote @


  Devin wrote @

for the trickiest model, the definitely need a video!

  jack dougsen wrote @


  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

This is TOO EASY!

  Tosa wrote @

made one w/ a 8.5×11 paper

  evilideas wrote @

I got overloaded with questions when I brought my book yoda. (You know, the one that comes with instructions in the book) So I made like 50 of these to give to everyone!

  DarthPaper wrote @

I am having trouble with 3. Now NOBODY MAKE FUN OF ME!

  Joshua wrote @

im not gonna make fun of u bud just make a tiny zigzag at the top and fold down

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

tom im a big fan of your book and i have some idias for some books.

  yodafolder wrote @

I made tons of these in school

  Joshua wrote @

so do i lol i turn every thing of paper i get into emergency Yoda

  Super folder Saxon wrote @

Me too!

  matt wrote @

Yeah this is pretty easy but for some reason im a horrible folder yet sometimes i fold well

  LAUREN wrote @

I love your book, but I think you should give us the design that Harvey used!

  Carl puuri wrote @

Tom and i Made that one together, wish my dog didnt get it :(

  a piece of poop wrote @

twas helpful

  a piece of poop wrote @

and also my name isnt a piece of poop i was seing if it would do anything this website is also not that big

  super master yoda wrote @

man i need easier steps to make a oragami i made darth papaer and paper yoda and that

  Carl puuri wrote @

I really Like this yoda, but i like the one in the book also.

  Jake A. wrote @

I create my own oragami things all the time at my school but oragami yoda is by far the coolest oragami thing to me that i’ve made so far! p.s. Have any of you peeps played project exonaut on before?

  darson wrote @

what is the next book going to be?

  Super folder Saxon wrote @


  darson wrote @

is the bad guy as bad as harvey?

  Brian wrote @

too easy!

  Joshua wrote @

thx its SUPPOSED 2 B EASIER THAN PIE EVAR WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Super folder.g wrote @

Hey tom I made one of these 1/4 in inches and 1cm im going to send pictures so you can see them.

  cameron scott humphries wrote @

I have both of the books and its the best book i ever read.I Even made the one origami Yoda that is on the cover.I wish i could meat tom i bet he has all of them

  cameron scott humphries wrote @

hey tom i made almost all of the origami Yoda’s there are I’m on the the one that it shows you in the book. Also i think in the second book that Harvey made Darth paper to show dwight that origami yoda is not magical.

  dennis wrote @

this was my first Yoda

  Super folder Saxon wrote @

Mine too!

  whats up doc217 wrote @

you can always rely on the 5 fold emergency yoda! oh and tom, your an awsome author and origami star wars expert!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Can you show me how to make the Darth paper on the front of the darth paper strikes back.

  Red Leader wrote @

Tom could you post chewbacca or stormtrooper or maybe boba fett instructions please? Maybe more yoda ones that are easy but better than the book ones? May the force be with you!

  Joshua wrote @

i hate harvey

who agrees w/ me

  Darth Paper wrote @

Fools! Don’t fold Ben’s 10-fold Vader! Fold the Vader on the cover by looking it up on this site!

  Super Folder gav wrote @

I love all of the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Garrett wrote @

I made an origami Darth Maul and will send it in too see if it can go in Secret of The Fortune Wookie…..

  jackson wrote @

hi i made a darth paper and every one wants it now

  Chewbacca wrote @


  SF Andy wrote @

Just me!

  Chewbacca the 2nd wrote @

how do you make chewbukka???

  Slender Man wrote @

To make a Chewbacca in origami, you have to know how to make a origami fortune teller, then draw Chewie’s face.
I hope this answer helped! (^-^)

  Chewbacca the 2nd wrote @

in origami

  Slender Man wrote @

Nice, man!
I can’t wait for another origami character!
How about giving us a preview?

  The Epic one wrote @

My friend folded the real yoda and I folded the real Wookie and Han. So when I tried to use emergency yoda it’s predictions were wrong and Wookies work better for me

  arthur wrote @

emergency yoda!!!

  bubble gum yoda wrote @

lalalalala wrote @

:) :) :) :):):):):):):):):):):)

  red wrote @

i know how to make a 2 fold yoda

  red wrote @

and a 3 fold one

  Josh martindale wrote @

SUPA SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  red wrote @

it is simple… but i can make 2 simpler ones a 2 fold+ a 3 fold one.

  SF charlie wrote @


  Secretfolder wrote @

……….;) !) =>

  mekell05 wrote @

i can fold 100 of the yoda’s.

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

some one folded 1000

  foldi master wrote @

I made an awesome custom Yoda but I kept losing him and I forgot how to make him so i need 2 b careful

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