Minnesota 6th-graders make Origami Yoda book-reports-in-a-can! #starwars #kidlit

Double-wow! I received this great e-mail and attachments from a middle-school teacher in Minnesota today:

I just finished by 31st year of teaching and I have to say that never have I had more fun reading a book aloud to students! I teach 6th grade, so my students could completely relate to Dwight, Tommy, Sarah, Harvey and the whole crew.

As we read your hilarious and thought provoking novel, the students worked on a “canned” book report. You can see a few in the photos. The outside of a coffee can was covered with a drawing of a scene from the story. Using another strip of paper, students make a “film” showing another short sequence. That strip was threaded through two slits in the can’s lid.

Inside the can was a glossary, a booklet of Yoda’s sayings and what they actually meant/or how the advice worked, and of course, Origami Yoda himself.

One aspect that I found particularly delightful was that Yoda’s syntax gave me a fresh way to talk about English grammar– which is no easy task.

Also, I really enjoyed the video of you folding Origami Yoda; watching that helped my students basically fold theirs on their own.

Kim Gulbranson

Paynesville, MN

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  Nicholas wrote @

Awesome! I like to see origami being used in schools!

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