Is Origami Yoda real? 5th-graders write opinion papers

Seventy-seven or so 5th graders from Ann Arbor, Michigan wrote opinion papers regarding Origami Yoda’s realitude. (My opinion: their teacher rocks!)
Here are some highlights: !!!—POSSIBLE SPOILERS—!!!

Another reason I think Origami Yoda is real because after Dwight threw him away, the next morning Dwight remembered how he made his Origami Yoda. I mean how is this possible if Yoda wasn’t real? I think Yoda used his magic power to remind Dwight how he made Yoda. Yoda knew that Tommy and the other people would need him.

I think that Origami Yoda isn’t quite real. I believe that Dwight is just much more intelligent than everyone assumes he is.

How did Yoda know that the Twist would come on right when Tommy realized that he couldn’t dance???? It had to be Origami Yoda.

In my opinion, I don’t really think that Origami Yoda is real because it could be Dwight. I think Dwight wants his turn to shine. I do think the only true way to know if Origami Yoda is real is to ask Tom Angleberger, the author, what he thinks and to see if the book is categorized as fantasy or realistic fiction. If it is fantasy than Yoda is real. If it is realistic fiction than Origami Yoda is fake.

Origami Yoda is positively, absolutely, too-many-words-to-explain-real. I mean, how could he not be real after: Harvey’s final confession, the surprise pop quiz, the mean Marcie, the only-fools-rush-incident, and the Cheeto Hog?

I think that Origami Yoda is a little worthless paper wad that Dwight is controlling!
When Dwight’s Origami Yoda died it meant to me that there would be no more magic Origami Yoda. That original Yoda, if it were magic, would have to be one of a kind. When Dwight came up with a 2nd Origami Yoda and that one gave good advice, I knew for sure that Origami Yoda was NOT REAL!!!!!!


  joshua benson wrote @

he is real

  Harvey wrote @


  elijah aka harvey wrote @

U R A HARVEY . REAL YODA IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  griffin wrote @

ha is definetly real I mean dwight would have to be even smarter to pull agenius hoax like this! (if it were a hoax!)

  elijah aka harvey wrote @

I THINKSO TO (opps capslock :( )

  griffin wrote @

yoda is definetly real I mean dwight would have to be even smarter to pull agenius hoax like this! (if it were a hoax!)

  SuperFolder Colin wrote @

Yoda’s wisdom made Dwight remember how to fold him. OY is totally real! So is the Force

  Robby wrote @

No Yoda’s dieing, crumpled, baked bean, body used the force to tell Dwight how re-fold him so Dwight got a paper towel or something to wipe him clean. Then he refolded him!

  Dan the man wrote @

That’s not true

How could that girl call him a “paperwad”

  elijah aka harvey wrote @


  Origami Yoda wrote @

Origami Yoda is real

  Origami Yoda wrote @

real Origami Yoda is.

  Origami Yoda wrote @

he is so real

  JonathanC wrote @

Origami Yoda is way too awesome to not be real

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