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Chris’ super-deluxe Yoda

A folder named Chris has been sending in pictures of some nice folds recently. (He’s the one who made the dollar bill Yoda recently)
He’s been particularly interested in folding a Yoda like the one on the cover and this photo shows that he’s nearly there. Check out the facial details…

Reader roadtrips with Origami Yoda

I had heard of this cool dude who was folding Yodas while roadtripping through the south. (Not all that far from Ralph McQuarrie Middle School, actually.)

Anyway, I finally got a picture as Jordan and Origami Yoda visited Cape Hatteras, N.C.

Hmmm… that’s a cool looking Yoda. Looks like he’s made some special modifications. Let’s zoom in…

Nice! And I like his pinky-style method of using Yoda. I may do a post on the different finger positions, because some work better than others…

Hey, if you’re taking Yoda on vacation — or folding him while in the car — send me a picture, too!

Alec’s Origami Yoda

Here’s a nicely done Origami Yoda from a folder named Alec…

… Alec’s folded something else, too, which is AWESOME, but I can’t show it to you yet. For one thing the photo is a little fuzzy and for another … It’s the same TOP SECRET character that I’ve got a big announcement about. But it has to wait a little longer…

Meanwhile, Alec has also dangled the possibility of an Origami Lando! Stay Tuned…

And please send me pictures of whatever you’re folding!

It’s Origami Admiral Ackbar instructions!

Here they are! Dwight’s instructions — as drawn by Kellen — for folding an Admiral Ackbar finger puppet.

If you have trouble, just drop by and see me at Star Wars Celebration V, where I’ll be teaching folks to fold Ackbar, Yoda and another top secret Star Wars character…

It works best with paper that’s orange on one side and white on the other. Or you can just color it with a crayon or magic marker when you’re done.

Click to view full size…

Copyright Tom Angleberger 2010
Admiral Ackbar is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. Title and character and place names protected by all applicable trademark laws. All rights reserved.

Printable instructions for E-Z Origami Yoda!

Attention Origami Yoda readers, librarians, teachers, booksellers and, of course, Star Wars fans!
Here are printable instructions for the super easy 5-fold Origami Yoda. This one is easier than the one in the book — The Strange Case of Origami Yoda — and is perfect for group activities, such as library programs, book talks and hootenannies.

Just click on it to make it bigger! Right-click to download.

Chris’ Origami Yoda from a dollar bill

A fellow named Chris sent in this picture of his dollar bill Yoda fold…

And he included these brief instructions:

here are instructions on how to make moneygami yoda:start by folding yodas head down.
Then fold the corners to the bottom of the head.Insert the triangles into the head.
Then do a pleat.Flip yoda over,and fold the sides in.Fold the head down.Fold out the ears.Do as many details as you want.

He also sent in this picture of what I think is a deluxe Yoda…

If you’ve folded one of my Yoda designs or if you’re working on you own, please send in a picture!

SMS Guys Read members read and fold Origami Yoda

Here’s a report from another guys’ book club … unlike the last one, this one has a name already. They’re called SMS Guys Read. Their middle school is called SMS, just like mine was! Their teacher, Michael Hutchinson, seems a little bit like Mr. Stevens, the cool bio teacher from the book.

They got together recently for some Yoda-folding and tackled models from the E-Z 5-fold to the intensely difficult Kawahata Yoda…

That last on is the Yoda by Fukiami Kawahata and I have to say I am impressed. I have tried and failed that one before… Well done SMS Guys!