Chris’ Origami Yoda from a dollar bill

A fellow named Chris sent in this picture of his dollar bill Yoda fold…

And he included these brief instructions:

here are instructions on how to make moneygami yoda:start by folding yodas head down.
Then fold the corners to the bottom of the head.Insert the triangles into the head.
Then do a pleat.Flip yoda over,and fold the sides in.Fold the head down.Fold out the ears.Do as many details as you want.

He also sent in this picture of what I think is a deluxe Yoda…

If you’ve folded one of my Yoda designs or if you’re working on you own, please send in a picture!


  chris wrote @

that yoda on the bottom is a deluxe yoda.

  riddleburger wrote @

That’s what I thought, just a little unsure because of the camera angle.
Keep up the great folding!

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! I want 2 make it!

  sf. awesomeness wrote @

is kind of cool but not really

  sf. awesomeness wrote @

can you send me instructions on how to do that? Because I Like. That

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