Printable instructions for E-Z Origami Yoda!

Attention Origami Yoda readers, librarians, teachers, booksellers and, of course, Star Wars fans!
Here are printable instructions for the super easy 5-fold Origami Yoda. This one is easier than the one in the book — The Strange Case of Origami Yoda — and is perfect for group activities, such as library programs, book talks and hootenannies.

Just click on it to make it bigger! Right-click to download.


[…] are printable instructions for making the World's Simplest Origami Yoda. Just 5 […]

  Mason wrote @

I love it! PLEASE! Make a number 2 book i loved it! I made a origami Yoda and its perfect! I’m obssesed with this book!

  Super folder Gav wrote @

Me 2

  jonah wrote @

great book. i hate harvey.dwight is a genius

  curtis wrote @

this is an awesome book its the best ihave read so make a number 2! and ya harvey stinks he is really mean

  Gen wrote @

i luv the book and isn’t harvey i girl’s name?? Cause i have a girl in my school named Harvey.

  nathan wrote @

I like this Origami Yoda! I did not know that five folds make something great! I think ages 5-8 can make this model.Keep making this model to get to the next level of other Origami figures; this would make a great start for beginners of Origami.

  ERIC wrote @

yeah your right

  Matthew wrote @

BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!! I made about a million fairly simple yodas, and an ackbar! I can’t wait for the sequel!

  caleb wrote @

this book is awesome! Icant wait for #2 to come out!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks, Caleb.

I’m pretty excited about Book 2, too. It’s going to have some off-the-wall stuff in it!

  ERIC wrote @

i have a crush on sara.w. don’t tell anyone.

  Rolf wrote @

hey just wanted to say that i just finished reading your book and i loved it! totally made my day :D was also curious if the movie based off the book is actually planning to be made? Wanted to say i’m a huge fan and hope you write more books like this one. Thanks :]

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks a lot!
No, there’s no movie in the works yet! It may never happen. But it’s fun to think about. I like to think about who would play Mr. Howell…

  CaptainDwight wrote @

some one who looks like jabba…

  Luke Skywalker wrote @

You’re book is awesome!
By the way, is this book based off your childhood? I mean, Tommy’s name is the same as yours. Tell me, or my dad will use the force choke on you!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Yes, a lot of the book is true true true … in various ways. But, no, I’m not Tommy. I might be another character though….

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Wait … your Dad is Darth Vader? I guess I better tell you. The answer is … yes!

  Matthew wrote @

If you really are Luke, what year were you born in? (What galactic year)

  AustinM wrote @

Than if you aren’t Tommy, than you are probobly Dwight!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Maybe so…

  eli wrote @

This one has a cape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  eli wrote @

Can you put Darth vader in number 2.

  AustinM wrote @

This one is to easy I folded the deluxe but I take my simple yoda 2 school and ask if people need advice and if they say yes, Yoda gives em advice.

  josh benson wrote @

thats exactly what i do my friend

  AustinM wrote @

Cool! We have so much in common Josh!

  Javier wrote @

Wow this is really simple! Hey Tom, could you send a link to your favorite origami website? I would like to see what stuff you like to fold and some stuff I could maybe try!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

have you been to

Great stuff!

  Javier wrote @

Yes, I do agree! I wish there were instructions for all the models. That would be Awesome!!

  darth vader wrote @


  yodarules wrote @

about that movie earlier….. you should totally try to do it! I tried to get my older sister to read it but she never reads and as she says ” only nerds read for fun” but i’m all for reading. but i can almost garentee (not sure how its spelled) she would love it

  Yodamaster wrote @

everybody do the moopy puffle

  joshua benson wrote @


  bradley montana wrote @

so good!the next book should be called “the strange case of origami chewbaka.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Interesting idea..

  SuperFolder Gabey guy wrote @

nononononono. The strange remote of origami R2

  joshua benson wrote @

hey tom do u know what this says in yoda voice: is weird all of it when dwight comes

  josh silsby wrote @

It was a little hard in the book, but i used this one.

  joshua benson wrote @


  joshua benson wrote @

mug a wug for a bug

wug a bug fora mug

mug a bug for a wug

  joshua benson wrote @

george wugington

  joshua benson wrote @

o-y 3 return of the origami jedi chapter 1 a rough start dwight has lost his o -y and harvey is starting to get to sara that tommy is a total loser can dwight find o-y and bring balance to mc quarrie middle school

  joshua benson wrote @

harvey is out again to prove that dwight is a total nut case & yoda is nothin but a paper wad will dwigtht join his fellow outlaws and show of the biggest dodge ball tournamet in the west? will dwight prove he does not have adhd … will dwight ever wash his hands? find out in the strange case of origami yoda 3!!!!!!!!!!

  Ben da man wrote @

How do you get colored rectangle origami paper?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

You can but origami paper at a craft store. It’ll be square, so you’ll have to cut it.

You can also but wrapping paper, which will be color on one side and white on the other. That can be pretty useful.
SOMETIMES you can ind paper that is green on one side and brown on the other and that’s perect for Yoda!

  Yoda237$ wrote @

I can’t find SQUARE origami paper that brown on one side & green on the other!


  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Very hard!

The best thing to do is try to find green/brown wrapping paper around Christmas time. But I haven’t found that lately either…

  squirtle1437 wrote @

ugh i cant make it the paper is always to big plz help

  Derek wrote @

U need a 4 inch paper to do it!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  shellie reeder wrote @


  Ethan wrote @

OMGGGGGGG I MAKE IT 4D11!!!!!! All I think of when you said this was 1337 LEET!!!!!!!

  superfolder heewon wrote @

easiest thing I ever folded! and the first thing I ever folded

  Jake M. wrote @

a movie hallejulah!!!!

  IIII wrote @

I came up with one that is in between easy and hard

  IDontPlayMinecraft wrote @

Awesome! A bit different than the one in “Darth Paper Strikes Back”, and I like that! The one in the book with the drawn instructions, I admit, seemed kind of odd folding.

  jiggedybob wrote @

i figured out how to make a origami leia puppet you make the e z yoda and fold the ear tips back for the hair oh and use a 1/2 sheet paper instead of 1/4 sheet im so xcited

  Arturo wrote @

World’s easiest Yoda is simple but awesome. I made, like 12 already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  yodaman119 wrote @

so easy but awesome

  ManateeYoda wrote @

If you make a movie, then please take me under consideration. I really want to be Sara….or Caroline. I am in love with your books and hope to see more!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

You are the first person to offer to be Sara! Wish we could have a movie! Maybe some day…

  Mike wrote @

Tom If you make a movie I want to be Dwight. Please consider it.

  Ethan wrote @

I would want to be tommy rather than Harvey. Cause he is a pain in the butt and complains to much plz consider it I read both ur books in 39 minutes from Leah family library in Robstown tx. Ur the best author ever and deserve to be king of the world! You my good friend have a Taste in humor :)

  Ethan wrote @

Or kellen

  jakkbnf wrote @

i want a be dwight!i want a be dwight!i want a be dwight!

  eli wrote @


  machen wrote @

thats easy

  Super folder Tristan wrote @

I WANNA BE DWIGHT I KNOW HOW TO FOLD THE EXACT COVER YODA I SWEAR ( sorry if I offended and/or demanded)

  Oragami Wanna Be wrote @

I try and try ti fold even the simplest form of oragami yoda but never can! :-(

  Oragami Wanna Be wrote @

And how do you customize your character?

  origamijedi wrote @

so do I!

  Kai wrote @

So cool

  Kai wrote @

I should be in the movie if u make one because I would want to be tommy please

  Steve wrote @

Love, love, LOVE ur book, it was brilliant! Also loved making all 3 yodas. My parents won’t let me get the second book though. What’s it about?

  Ethan wrote @

So they make a case file like in the first book to prove dwight is innocent the ending well… Don’t want to spoil it

[…] were hilarious! We made R2-D2 paper models from the activities page. We made simple 5-fold origami Yodas from the author of “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda”, Tom […]

[…] um exemplo (que eu tentei e ficou horrível porque não tenho habilidades!) e também uma forma bem fácil lá no seu site. O Estranho Caso do Yoda de Origami é do autor Tom Angleberger, lançado no Brasil pela editora […]

  superfolder david wrote @


  nyanyoda wrote @

lolz! “and the most imporant thing:

  Lj wrote @

I made several yodas and there is my favorite yoda in the book. There should be a fourth book wrote @

There is one

[…] One of the many benefits of origami is that it works on the same fine motor muscles needed for good handwriting. It’s also creative, artistic, and practically free. You can find instructions for creating your own origami Yoda right here. […]

  DoomKnight15 wrote @

stooky cartoon drawing!

  Name (required) wrote @

Nice yoda. I like it because it does not have 100 steps like most of them.

  lincoln wrote @

First yoda i ever made (and easiest)

  sfyoda wrote @

The book you made
Is amazing Tom.. wrote @

How do you get green paper with brown on the other side?

  Super folder Willy Wonka fan #1 wrote @

I used these instructions, + made my first ever Yoda! Now I’m really good at it! ;)

  SF Owen wrote @

I actually like this better than the one from the book!

  Jonathan wrote @

Uhhhhh this is sooo lame just kidding im not like Harvey

  bill wrote @


  bill wrote @

STICK FIGURES!!!!!!!!!!!

  simoguy wrote @

That Is so easy and so cool!

  BigChewbaccaFan wrote @

I keep on getting frustrated with making this. I made Han Foldo already, But I can’t seem to make Chewbacca or Yoda.

  GUY44 wrote @

HARD idk how to origami well! (I did origami Ewok out of scratch…) But for some reason this is hard!

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

how is it hard!?!?!?! its so simple!!!

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