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Origami Yoda folding contest held in California! #starwars #kidlit

Okay, Superfolders!

Any of you live in or near Petaluma, California?

They’re holding an Origami Yoda folding contest at Copperfield Books:

Read about it here.

Not sure if you’ll be judged on speed or quality, so you may want to practice each.

You might win an Origami Yoda signed and folded by me. What? You say you don’t need one of mine because your Origami Yodas are better? Save the trash talk for competition day!

Sorry I can’t be there to see it, I’ll be busy folding Yodas at the Charlotte (North Carolina) Book Festival that weekend…

New superfolder on the scene with a multitude of diverse Yodas! #starwars

Just got some pictures in from a new superfolder named Chance. He’s got an Ackbar — and a Bionicle — but mostly Yodas. Lots of Yodas!

Check out not just the number, but the variations…

A small advance in Origami Yoda technology #starwars

Here’s a version of the e-z fold Yoda that uses paper that’s green on one side, brown on the other to distinguish the robe from the head.

Notice the hand sticking out. That’s the advancement here. I’ve been working on a way of getting the hand so that it does not bump up against the green of the head. I like having it isolated by a small area of brown. But it can be tricky to get the green corner that far down there. I still don’t have it consistent, but this one came out right….

Too bad I didn’t draw the face a little better!

Sorry, no instructions for this. As I said, I haven’t quite got it figured out yet…

Florida book tour featuring a kid’s Darth Vader with Anakin inside!

My recent trip to Florida was not entirely spent geeking out at Celebration. I also got to visit three Florida-tastic bookstores! With friendly readers and booksellers at each one!

At Inkwood Books in Tampa, I found a super-cool Origami Yoda waiting for me!

At the Vero Beach Book Connectio, my jaw dropped open because the children’s building is a kidlit palace! (And look at all the folks who showed up to fold Yoda!)

And at Little Bookworms in Bradenton, I met a kid who had made this incredible Vader mask…

….with Anakin inside!

More photos of Origami fun from Celebration V! #starwars #swcv

Did I mention that Young Princess Leia came to a folding workshop?

Or that Origami Yoda got to go for a ride in an Origami Land Speeder? (courtesy of Chris Alexander, of course.)

Or that we ran into Ice Cream Maker Guy from Empire Strikes Back?

This cellphone photo is terrible, but the two folks in it were awesome!

Here’s a much better shot from a folding workshop! Check out the great job this guy did on Origami Darth Vader!

Pablo Hidalgo draws Origami Yoda!! #starwars #masterpiece

Through a wonderful chain of circumstances* I not only got to meet Star Wars artist Pablo Hidalgo at Star Wars Celebration, but he actually sat down and drew a picture of Origami Yoda for me.

I think you will agree with me that this is a totally kung-fu Star Wars masterpiece! He brought O.Y. to life, man! I’m just crazy about this drawing and I’m so glad it made it back from Orlando undamaged. It’s going in a frame and on the wall!

*Thanks, Kristen!!!!

Star Wars Celebration V highlights!

Star Wars Celebration was really amazing. I knew I’d have a good time and see great stuff, but I didn’t predict how great it would make me feel. Going down the escalator and looking out across the people, props and costumes in the hall was empowering. In this place, the geeks win! And I’m proud to be one of those geeks.

Here are a few pictures (there will probably be more to come) of why it was so great for me and my special VIP guest, Origami Yoda:

Here are a couple of the folks who came to one of my 3 folding workshops.

They’ve got Origami Yoda, Ackbar and … yes … Vader.

(I’ll have more to come about Origami Vader soon including instructions…)

This cool kid came to the booksigning…

and so did this Clone Trooper!

And here I am with Chris Alexander. He’s the Star Wars Origami Guru! It was great to see his work up close, especially Jabba who really looks great in person. Hopefully, we’ll have the chance to work together on a project some day…

Coming soon: the jaw-droppingly awesome portrait of Origami Yoda drawn by Star Wars comics artist Pablo Hidalgo!!!!!