A sneak peek at my next book … (warning: no Yoda) #kidlit

That’s right, my next book doesn’t have origami or Yoda. Origami Yoda 2 is my next-next book.

But, if you’d like a peek at my next book, check out this map I’ve been working on …

You’ll probably need to click on it to see much…

The book is called : “Horton Halfpott” and I really hope you’re going to like it despite the lack of origami, Yoda and Cheeto-Hogs. Instead it’s got secrets, Shipless Pirates, pickle eclairs, Snooping Stableboys and all sorts of other hubbubbery.


  Steve A. wrote @

Books with maps! I love books with maps!

  chance wrote @

When does it come out

  Amy wrote @

I also love books with maps! And hubbubbery, who can resist hubbubbery?

  Linda B. wrote @

Very exciting. And I am DEFINITELY a sucker for hubhubbery!

  Alex wrote @

is it a different type of series that you are making, or is it part of the “Origami Yoda” series? Also, when does this book come out?

  riddleburger wrote @

This book, Horton, is completely different from Origami Yoda. But I hope you’ll still like it.
And if you don’t …. there’s always Origami Yoda 2 coming Fall 2011!

  Alex wrote @

Also, I want encourage you to continue making books. To remind you to never give up like J.K. Rowling did. Keep up with the good work!

  Joeyyodafan wrote @


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