Kid makes cool “Got Origami?” milk carton with Yoda-riffic surprise inside #starwars

Librarian Kelly Butcher sent me these pictures of new super-folder Mitchell and his “Got Origami” creation.

There’s a surprise inside….

Now, I have to admit I was suspecting a Yoda inside. But I wasn’t suspecting a Kawahata Yoda! That’s some serious folding!


  Sean L from SMS guys read wrote @

great job! Looks pretty simular to mine except not black and white…I got better. note to Mitchell: Great job! (I hate folding the right hand though… do you?)

  Kim Nelson wrote @

This is so neat, and indicates Mitchell has a brain that is able to focus on doing complex folds. Way to go, Mitchell! I love your creativity!

  Grandma Myrtle DeWitte wrote @

Mitchell that is great…do I get one?? You are so creative and able to work on things like this. I’am so proud of you and keep up with the good work!!

  Matthew Mdot Finley wrote @

Amazing! I tried folding it, and I thought it was impossable! Rock On!

  Sean L from SMS guys read wrote @

Not impossible, but very, very hard! It took me a more than half a day to make my first one.

  AustinM wrote @

Wow. That is serious folding!

  dwight wrote @


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