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Make an easy Origami Yoda Halloween Costume!

Kellen just sent me these instructions for making your own Origami Yoda Halloween Costume.
I suggest you use even more tape than he did. And put the costume on first to figure out where the eye and arm holes should be. (Don’t try to cut out the holes while you are still inside the costume!!!!)

Click on the images to make them bigger.
Have fun! Be careful! If you make one send me a picture… you’ll get a treat! (For real!)

Commander Spencer makes Lego Origami Yoda & Minifig Scale Origami Yoda!!

“The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” has received its highest honor!!

A Lego builder who goes by the name Commander Spencer has made an Origami Lego minifig! But wait it gets better! He also made an Origami Yoda that is the right scale for a minifig to hold in his/her hand.

I didn’t want to poach his photos, so please check them out over at Mocpages.

Our newest super-folder, Chloe!

Here’s Chloe, a cool kid with a cool Origami Yoda hand-puppet! Nice lightsaber!

Kid’s own Kirigami Darth Vader #starwars

Here’s a kid-made Kirigami Darth Vader. ..

Apparently, the kid was making this instead of listening to my presentation during a school author visit! But how can I complain?


“Your blood to suck I vant…” Origami Yoda = Vampire?

Check out this great Vampire Origami Yoda made by a cool kid in Pittsburgh. I like the idea of drawing a speech balloon right on Yoda. This one says “Your blood to suck I vant!”

Gourdigami Yoda?


Super-folder Brady makes unique Origami (kirigami?) Yoda!

Here’s a super-folder named Brady who I met on a booktour this summer. Look what he’s cooked up now….