Origami R2D2 Contest Winners!

The same day I posted the instructions for Origami R2D2 two super-folders got it figured out, folded it, took a picture, sent it in and won the contest….

Here’s one from Super-Folder known as the Um-Hi-Kid:

And here’s Super-Folder Chad with his:

They won a pretty awesome — but top secret — prize! Stay tuned for more contests…


  brandy rast wrote @

what did they win?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Sorry … It’s top secret!

  Sean L from SMS guys read wrote @

Is it like…the second book or something?

  a fan wrote @


  Javier wrote @

I folded a really awesome R2D2! Im not sure how to post it though. Could you help me Tom?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Just send it to me as an email attachment … tom@origamiyoda.com

  Javier wrote @

If I send a picture, would it send anything to my email or not? I dont want any other mail.

  Javier wrote @


  AustinM wrote @

I folded a hand puppet R2D2.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Cool! Let’s see a picture!

  zachary wrote @

oragami yoda will you tell me what the prize is ?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

This contest is long over, my friends….

  origamiyodaiscool wrote @

hey there both awesome they should be in the next book with instructions

  yodamaster 5 wrote @

Tom,i can’t e-mail you,so tell this to WebmasterSam for me [please!]:i am having a milleiam falcon contest.the winners get the prizes.here they are:a E-Z lightsaber and a certificet of ranks. can you use the FORCE?if so,BE A JEDI!

  Yodamaster wrote @

Who the heck are you!?

  yodamaster 5 wrote @

more points if you fold Han and Chewie.

  COLIN wrote @

cool! but I just wish I could learn how to fold RD-D2! I’m really bad at folding him!

  payed2000 wrote @

I made I really sweet darth maul hand puppet but my dad won’t let me use his camera.

  payed2000 wrote @

P.S, Tom , your books are awesome!

  john wrote @

hi tom im john and i just wanted to say something to add in the 4th book i thought you should add c-3po in the fourth book with r2-d2 thanks, john

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

It’s a deal!!

  superfolder grievous wrote @

i am cyborg warlord and commander and general of the battle droid army general grievous and i will not e ignored!

  Dylan Nguyen wrote @

I can’t wait till art2D2 comes out, Tom, is the title just gonna be “art2D2”? If so, I think you should add to it. Maybe “The Return of Art2D2” or something.

  superfolder grievous wrote @

hi i’m the actual general grievous jedi scum and i will not be ignored!

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