Jabba’s Joke Palace: Holiday Edition

Hey, everybody, it’s Jabba’s Joke Palace!

Q: What is Jabba’s least favorite ballet?

A: The Huttcracker!

LAUGH! Or Jabba will feed you to the Rancor!

Q: What does Santa Droid say?

A: C3P-Ho Ho HO!

LAUGH! Or Jabba will have you frozen in carbonite!!!

Q: Even though Jabba is naughty, he’s never gotten a stocking full of coal! Why not?

A: No feet = no stockings!

LAUGH! Or Jabba will throw you in the Sarlacc Pit!

If you have any good Holiday Jokes for Jabba, leave them in the comments!!


  Sean L from SMS guys read wrote @

I actually though the last one was a little funny, so I smiled, but I didn’t laugh. I thought the rest were not funny… but that was very creative!
So anyway, I’m preparing to get eaten by the Rancor, then my remains will be frozen in a block of carbonite and thrown into the Sarlacc Pit…

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Hpw about this one:

Q: Why did Jabba lose his court case?

A: The judge said he didn’t have a leg to stand on…

  Javier wrote @

Tom, thats really funny!

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @


  SF Jackson H wrote @


  superfolderjswp wrote @

That would be great!ish

  spencer wrote @

hi 1st visit here , i love your book and i liked chatting with you at school on scipe.
girl from Versailles,Ohio school

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

Those are smart, but BAD JOKES!!!!

  drake wrote @


  Hunter wrote @

why couldnt origami yoda get up

he has no feet

what did yoda say to the school lunch

stinky cheese? Sith!

Q:why isn’t jabba on the nauty list (even though he sould.)
A:because he is in a galexey far,far away ;*D LOL

oh and LAUGH or jabba will send every bounty hunter in the galexy to you

  Scott McDanel wrote @

What sitcom do droids watch?

  jedi master yoda wrote @

Why was jabba’s helpers staying away from him Answer: he looked a little green

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