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School Visit Gets Rowdy, Sparkly

Here’s the ROWDY part…And here’s the SPARKLY part…

I guess I could point out that it’s the boys who are going beserk and the girls who are smiling nicely, but you may have already noticed…

Darth Paper Conquers the World! Photo Contest rules and news…

Contest Entry by Brandy

The Contest: Take best photo & win ADVANCE copy of the Origami Yoda sequel — “Darth Paper Strikes Back” — before it’s available to the rest of the world.


Instructions… Read the rest of this entry »

Oh No! Mr. Schell’s class has gone to the Dark Side!

My local library puts OY’s ALA Notable on marquee! #librariansrock

The awesome librarians at my local library, Meadowbrook, changed their sign for Origami Yoda after it was named an ALA Notable book!

*In case you’re wondering, I don’t know what AURA is either…

A sneak peek at my next book, Horton Halfpott…

Want a sneak peek at my next book?

I’ve secretly launched Go over and take a look. You’ll see the opening paragraphs, pictures of some of the main characters, a map of the action … and you’ll learn the AWESOME secret about the cover!

Contest rules update…

I’ll have a post with all the official contest rules soon.
But here are a few things:

1) Photo will be posted to Flickr and then added to a photo map.
2) I’ll need to know what state/country the photo is from for the map.
3) Resizing to 800px would be great.

Also… Photoshopping is allowed. I’m not sure if the judge(s) will like it or not, but it is allowed.

Enter as many times as you like!

All photos should be emailed to me at:

We’ve got some great photos so far. Keep them coming!

Darth Paper … made by Super-folders!

Scary Darth Paper by Super-folder Austin!

Awesome Red Vader by Cooper

Tiny (yet awesome) Darth Paper by Jimmy

Skydiving Vader by Houston!

This one is the very first Darth Paper I ever received from a Super-Folder. Lorenzo folded this a long, long time ago! (Last May?) And correctly predicted that Darth Vader would be the star of the second book.