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Super-Folder DT’s Deluxe Origami Darth Vader! #starwars

I’m getting Darth Paper fever! There’s all sorts of behind the scenes stuff going on with it right now and it’s really exciting!

And to make it even better, I just got this great picture from Super-Folder DT of his new Deluxe Origami Darth Vader!

Most impressive!

New Giveaway! And other news….

Howdy Super-Folders!

If you missed the Dwight drawing giveaway … or even if you got your free Dwight drawing … you might be interested in my new giveaway….

A Portrait of M’Lady Luggertuck from my new book, Horton Halfpott. This is an actual hand-drawn drawing done by me and signed and personalized for you!
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In other news…

I have seen the cover for Darth Paper!!! It is amazing! It’ll knock you out! But I can’t show you yet…. waiting on official approval first.

Also, the Recorded Books version of “Origami Yoda” is available on iTunes now! If your mp3 player works with iTunes, it should be simple to download it and listen to the story. The readers did a great job on it and I think you’ll enjoy it!

Yesterday, Scholastic came to my house to film an interview. I did all kinds of crazy stuff for them! If your school holds a Scholastic Bookfair next fall, you may get to see the interview in class! That’s better than actually working!!

SuperFolder Jess’s Origami Princess Leia instructions!

Remember Super-Folder Jess’ beautiful Origami Princess Leia?

Well now you can make one, too, because Jess has made instructions! This is a bit of a challenge, but the results are worth it!!
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SuperFolder Yoda 5447’s Origami Cad Bane! #starwars #origami

Direct from DURO, here’s Origami Cad Bane …. folded by a Super-Folder who calls himself: Yoda 5447.

And before you ask…. Yoda 5447 made instructions!…

Super-Folder Jordi’s Origami Grievous #starwars

Just watched General Grievous in action in a Clone Wars episode, then I come to the computer and find this….
Jordi’s 4-Armed, Two-legged General Grievous…

Whoa! Better watch out for the General AND Jordi!

New contest over at

There’s a new contest up over at

But you better hurry! Prize goes to the first person to complete mission!!

Catalonian edition of Origami Yoda! #starwars @Nosaltresllegim

Here’s a photo from a cool library event in Catalonia! (I think I’m saying that right.)
Looks a lot like library events here in America, but the book looks a bit different, huh?