Super-Folder Derek’s Origami Darth Maul… with instructions! #starwars #origami

What a great guy! No, not Darth Maul… he’s pure evil! I’m talking about Super-Folder Derek! He’s made another great figure AND made another great set of instructions for you!


  a guy wrote @

Darth Maul isn’t that evil compared to Vader…

Maul: stabbed qui gon,and thats all a know
Vader:helped “put

  lonefish josh wrote @


  Superfolder Derek wrote @

thanks! lonefish josh

  Yodamaster wrote @

Well, none of the sith were truly evil. You see, all of the sith had good in them, they were just being controled. The only sith that was truly evil wah darth sidious or better know as the emperor, or also emperor palpatine, or chancelor palpetine.

  fold wars wrote @

Yeah u r right. it is almost like at the end of the 2nd book when harvey folds up darth paper’s mask and origami anikin says “i guess there is some good left in me”

  chad youmans and his origami yoda wrote @

yoda master, theres a itsy bitsy error in what you said. all the sith had good inside before they became sith(except dooku he was civilized) most of the became pure balls of hate (except dooku) after they turned. poor darth maul, he never got the chance to havegood in his heart, he was stolen by palpatin( which is his real name by the way) stole him to make him his evil aprentace before he was even a year old =(
YODA: goood thing origami D.M. has good in his heart
ME: yes yoda yes

  Superfolder Derek wrote @

if origami D.M. is the darth maul up there thati made, thanks chad and chad’s yoda!

  Yodamaster wrote @

Well, Darth Maul was acctually stolen by darth sidious. Palpatine wasn’t darth sidious yet. In episode one, he was being elected as chancelor.

  bobafett1212 wrote @

duko was still evil

  Yodamaster wrote @

Douku was acctually a jedi, trained by Yoda, then he trained Qui Gon Jin.

  Origami Master Folder Guy wrote @

not fully evil. he was a jedi even though we didn’t know till episode 2

  star nerd wrote @

actually darth maul became general grievous

  JC wrote @

Wow, that’s really cool!
PS Darth Maul survived his battle with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, and, after the Clone Wars, went to Tatooine to destroy Luke for the Emperor; and, (LOL,) Luke’s Uncle Owen shot him with his rifle while Maul was battling Obi-Wan!

  bobafett1212 wrote @

did that come in the comic pack.

  Origami Master Folder Guy wrote @

how was luke shot before he was born

  neel wrote @

wow awesome darth maul and thanks for the instructions!

  Supet folder derek wrote @

No prob I mke stuff all the time! I also made see threepio! U shud check it out! Thanks!

  bobafett1212 wrote @

i don’t get the instructions.

  Jordi C wrote @

You should make a double-lightsaber!

  aakash900 wrote @

yo your darth maul is awsome

  origamiyodamaster622 wrote @

my brother found a way to modify it to make his horns

  origamiyodamaster622 wrote @

what you do is fold both horns behind his head and then you pinch the hood and pull it up

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

I made a darth maul dubule lightsaber and it’s thick.

  Braden wrote @

Nice Job

  aaron wrote @

epic alredy made one dont under stand the last step

  momkeyman 237 wrote @

all its telling you to do is color

  Origami Master Folder Guy wrote @

how do i fold maul’s lightsabre

  jayvee wrote @

i bot a plastic dual saber and i made a slot where it would slip into………….*everyone says cool*(yay)

  Zach wrote @

How big a sheet of paper

  Zach wrote @

read the wrath of darth maul by ryder windham. darth maul is way eviler than darth vader

  tyler wrote @

well darth sideous actualy was trained by darth plagaus but turns out palpatine kills plagaus and tht is y he talks about him in star wars 3

  Origami Yoda wrote @

has anyone seen YODA parody of YMCA

  DUDE wrote @


  Super-Folder Bader wrote @

I made my own Jar Jar Binks puppet. On google images, there is one, but not a finger puppet. If this comment gets at least 5 replys, i will show you how to make jar jar binks!

  Awesome1 wrote @

That sounds stooky!

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