News and updates….

1. Turns out I can’t moderate/answer comments so well on this mobile device. So that’s going slowly. Sorry.

2. Want win a Free Skype Visit from me or another author for your school?
Try this site:

3. I may have made a breakthrough today in creating a reasonably easy version of the cover Yoda. I’ll keep you posted and if it works I WILL put a how-to video on Youtube!

4. Thanks for everyone’s nice notes and comments. I am feeling a lot better today!

5. Tomorrow I have a DVD of The Clone Wars to watch while I sit around trying to heal!!!!


  JC wrote @

Well, I hope you feel well!

  JC wrote @

I cant wait for more Origami Yoda Instructions!

  Jordi C wrote @

me too!!!!

  Logan wrote @

Hey Tom,I hope you get my instructions soon!

  Ben wrote @

Great to hear your feeling better! Hope the star wars movie is good!

  Joeyyodafan wrote @

join b.s.s Beiber sucks sociaty Sorry if your reading this J.B but I dislike your singing >:

  Joeyyodafan wrote @

oh and its awsome your feeling better Tom <:

  Logan wrote @


  Logan wrote @

I don’t even know what that is! And why do they call it “BIEBER …. SOCIATY

  yoda5447 wrote @

Glad you feel better

  yoda5447 wrote @

you know what would be funney? if tom tries to go metal dectecting and the only thing he finds is his leg. just saying that to make you feel beter with a joke

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

That was funnY!

  C wrote @

your book was cool me and my buds made paper yodas. I can’t wait for your next book but you made it not so clear when you made steps to make your own yoda on step 4;)


  Logan wrote @

I like your book Tom!

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