SuperFolder Yoda 5447’s Origami Cad Bane! #starwars #origami

Direct from DURO, here’s Origami Cad Bane …. folded by a Super-Folder who calls himself: Yoda 5447.

And before you ask…. Yoda 5447 made instructions!…


  JC wrote @

Wow, awesome!

  Logan wrote @

I know him!

  SuperFolder yoda5447 wrote @

I don’t realy know anyone named Logan

  Jordi C wrote @

Nice job!

  SuperFolder yoda5447 wrote @


  JC wrote @

Hey, I just realized, if you fold the top of his head down and color his skin gray and the rest of him black; it’s the Emperor!

  Super Folder yoda5447 wrote @


  Super Folder yoda5447 wrote @

thanks for the nice coments

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

there’s just one thing thats mising, his hat. well i guess you could just fold his hat and tape it on.

  SuperFolder MichaelT wrote @


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