SuperFolder Jess’s Origami Princess Leia instructions!

Remember Super-Folder Jess’ beautiful Origami Princess Leia?

Well now you can make one, too, because Jess has made instructions! This is a bit of a challenge, but the results are worth it!!


  Jordi C wrote @

First to comment! That’s a cool design!

  andrew r b wrote @

imade a perfecto leia but had to tape on hair!

  Logan wrote @


  SuperFolder Boba Fett wrote @

me too D:

  Yoda wrote @

I have done this you have to push the side in (does take a little bit of fiddling though)

  Jess Stork wrote @

4. is tough…. you want to stick your hand inside the triangle, and then press flat with your other hand. The beginning of Princess Leia is like a crane, see this video,

the fold is in there….

  Javier wrote @

This is awesome! Iv folded it and its not hard! Your awesome Jess!

  SuperFolder Boba Fett wrote @

tried that, this is a difficult leia for not a begginer but im not a super great folder this will take some time for me :/

  Super Folder yoda5447 wrote @


  joshua benson wrote @


  Ace Folder Roy wrote @


  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

Princess Leia was NOT A JEDI!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I think that’s a matter of debate actually…

  SuperFolder Boba Fett wrote @

What do you mean matter of debate tom?

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

In the Expanded Universe, she actually was a Jedi.

  Jess Stork wrote @

Okay, so I know I did some interpreting here, but remember that part when they told Luke that if he failed, the only hope was his sister? So I always interpreted that to mean that Leia was an honorary member of the jedi.

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now I understand. I’m making it!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I agree. And I think in the SWEU she does become a real Jedi. Right?

  bobafett1212 wrote @

no but han solos kids do. there is a episode 7 there is just no movie for it.

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

Really!?!?!? I’ve never heard of it!!!!

  um hi kid wrote @

no, leia does become a jedi, along with her kids. and luke gets married.

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @


  starwarsfanmax wrote @

During the Clone Wars the Jedi weren’t allowed to, but they could during the New Republic, actually. The girl Luke got married to was named Mara Jade, by the way.

  Superfolder Anakin Skywalker wrote @

Luke married Mara Jade. Also, I wanted to marry Padme….

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

I found somthing out. if you stic your finger in the botom of her robe, IT’S A FINGER PUPPET!!

  Colin wrote @

Little OBVIOUS, dude.

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

that just basikly just insulted me colin.

  tedmeister7 wrote @

great job! esspiecialy since it’s your own design!

  Michael Zavala wrote @

with a few modifications……i made a awesome oda that looks like the kawahata yoda.

  COLIN wrote @

hey kirk and colin! my names colin too!

  COLIN wrote @

oh, and by the way tom, who is going to
carry chewbacca?

  COLIN wrote @

i’m betting that it’s kellen. am i right?

  SuperFolder Boba Fett wrote @

Nope not kellen,If you read the book then youll see.Though i do like the idea of kellen owning a star wars finger puppet too……….either a wicket or c3p0

  dwight wrote @

easy i want a challenge

  anomones yoda wrote @

actually its sara that carries chewie, and han foldo, i have the book

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall Thomas wrote @

their was an old republic 3000 years before esb. the ruler of the sith empier was an ugly sith lord named darth malgus, ill make an origami one.

  Timothy wrote @

I like it.

  Sylvia, Bob and Family wrote @

its hard took time

  Dwight wrote @

WOW this has ALOT of comments,though this may be easy,ummmmmmmmmmmm well its easy for me but may not be for you??? hehe :|

  Dwight wrote @

oh but this was a ST8KY origami creation I made my own origami skywalker family,yoda,backup yoda,mace windoo (SO easy),and a dwight finger puppet (with yoda!!!!! ) but I will keep u posted (as soon how I figure it out……..)

  Dwight wrote @

oh also how do u change your picture on the left?

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