For May the Fourth… EZ Origami Jabba Instructions +more!

Happy Star Wars Day, SuperFolders! May the Fourth be with you!


To celebrate, here are instructions for making Origami Jabba with a bonus Salacious Crumb!
Plus, I’m going to spill a little secret about Darth Paper at the bottom of the post…

And… Congratulations to our contest winner(s) Bridget and Jimmy who guessed that Origami Jabba would be the star today. (Yes, we have two winners. Long story. But they both deserve it!) Bridget and Jimmy, have your parents email me an address where I can mail your prize.

So here are the instructions…



Okay, ready for a little Darth Paper Strikes Back secret?
I hoped to show you the cover today, but it has received final approval yet.
So I’ll mention something it says on the back cover….
“Bonus Game and Origami Instructions”

What do you make of that?


  JC wrote @

Wow, that’s awesome!

  seabasss2012 wrote @

massivly bolt dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  superfolder dom wrote @

I just made one. It looks kind of like a frog for me, but it also looks like Jabba. Sort of.

  JC wrote @

What is so big on

  SuperFolder Boba Fett wrote @

I don’t know but there is a whole lot of info on star wars

  brandy rast wrote @

really awsome tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  joshua benson wrote @


  Logan wrote @

Cool! on my birthday!!

  Yodamaster wrote @


  No-name wrote @

the game is the game with the paper ware u draw deathstar and 3 xwings and 3 tie fighters and launch pencil @ people

  Wesley wrote @

what did they win?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

They won Jabba hand folded by me…

  vader wrote @

Wow! I want one!

  superfolder dom wrote @

Wow, that’s so stooky for them.

  Bib fortuna wrote @

Massively bolt! Totally sticky stuff! Plastic dinosaurs! Enough with the Murky talk though. Those lucky people!

  super folder yami wrote @

Wait what?

  AustinM wrote @

The game is probably like, O.y. Vs. D.p.

  Wicket (Jamie) wrote @

probably is.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  SF Andon wrote @

the game is those ships that they were playing in computer class!

  Kiran wrote @

Than what is it like

  masterfolderguy wrote @


  AustinM wrote @

BTW i made Jabba and Scandilious Crumb!

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

tom please reply to this. can I play as Harvey in the strange case of origami yoda in the movie? my popa is making a hard origami yoda.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Gee, I was hoping to play Harvey in the movie!

No movie news, just in case you were wondering…. That’s going to take a bunch of people in Hollywood to get excited about the book.

  SuperFolder Boba Fett wrote @

It is?Well that shouldn’t take so long since the book is amazing im sure eventually things will stretch out :D

  Bib fortuna wrote @

Well, it won’t take long for those people to find how awesome your books are!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

LOL. . . Reading this now after two years… Now I’M Harvey in Origami Yoda: The Series. Time passes fast when you’re a SuperFolder!

  Karl Soriano wrote @

That would be a big mistake to say they were Justin Bieber instructions!

  No-name wrote @


  Super Folder yoda5447 wrote @

Hey Tom, will you have a new website like you did for Horton or will you post all of the Darth Paper stuf here?

  joshua benson wrote @

what is the game im interested in it

  Joeyyodafan wrote @

ecuse my langue. anyway I wonder if the game is a video game

  joshua benson wrote @

holly mackerel joeyyodafan!!!! whats up with that!!

  Joeyyodafan wrote @

sorry. anyway I wonder if the game is a video game.

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

I tried to fold it. Couldn’t. Too hard. So I invented my own Origami Jabba! It’s really simple. I don’t think I could make instructions, Though.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Good! Inventing your own is always good!
That’s how I came up with my Yoda and the book, because the Yoda I wanted (Kawahata’s) was just too hard for me…

  No-name wrote @

I made a 3-fold Darth Paper, really simple

  origamiyodamaster622 wrote @

it is now july 5 and i just found this today
ps. i always come to this site

  Ken Brown wrote @

Loved seeing you at Hickelbee’s in San Jose. New fad at school is origami! Cool to be a trend setter.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks for coming to Hicklebee’s!

  SuperFolder Colin wrote @

i made this with slave Leia! that movie rocked

  greentamer wrote @

i wish i can make the cover one.

  tedmeister7 wrote @


I finally made the cover yoda!!!!!!!

  No-name wrote @

i cant still

  greentamer wrote @

i made alot of origami stuff so did my sis.

  greentamer wrote @

i made a origami person from youtube. they did not have legs so i made legs.

  greentamer wrote @


  greentamer wrote @

i made a origami person on youtube. it had no legs so I added legs.

  greentamer wrote @

tom how did you make a origami of you?

  greentamer wrote @

i saw it in a youtube video.

  Tick Tick wrote @

This should be on the How to fold page

  kenobi wrote @


  Michelle wrote @

Do you start with the colored side or the white side?

  YodaFan wrote @

It should be green on both sides.

  No-name wrote @

it’s sckaly yello on both side

  COLIN wrote @

I’m getting more and more popular every day for handing out oragami. keep posting instrutions! P.S. Did i spell instructrions right?

  Ben wrote @

I’m still trying to get my uncle to tell his boss(really good friends with George Lucas)to make one

  hanselsblog wrote @

Is there going to be an origami yoda movie?

  Chinua wrote @

if so i get to be dwight. purple

  No-name wrote @

im making a play. obviously, im dwight. purple.
funny it is not!

  Robby wrote @

Dude I actually lie around in weird places in the library, fold yodas even though a guy said it annoys him and I give out advice with yoda.

  soontobesuperfolder wrote @

hey, me too.

  SF Andon wrote @

me three

  No-name wrote @

me 4… all the time.

  Michael wrote @


  I wrote @

purple purple purple purple me dwight and never a harvey

  Super Folder Rusty wrote @

This is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Tom!

  Origami man wrote @

If u r making a new book what will the charator be I love star wars and ur origami books there funny and cool! Respond soon

  Gabriel wrote @

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka stooky
he he !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Gabriel wrote @

rrrmm Yoda fan I am

  SF AdamR wrote @

Fortune wookiee is book 3

  yodacole wrote @

Can I email you to talk origami,man?

  yodacole wrote @

When’s Grevious come in?

  Matthew wrote @

I read all 3 books in one day! I also made Origami Yoda, Darth Paper, the Fortune Wookiee, Han Foldo, Luke Skypaper, and Origami Jabba! I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! I can’t wait for the fourth book!!

  Ben wrote @

I finally learned how to make a paper sarlack!(Wait how do you spell sarlack?S-A-R-L-A-C-K or S-A-R-L-A-C?)

  epic wrote @


  Jedi Gage wrote @


  brandon wrote @


  Robby wrote @

My friend Andreas thinks that jabba has hair.

  origami master wrote @

I think art2d2 is going to be the 4th book

  brandon wrote @


  Hayden wrote @

Will there be a movie? And if will there be as many movies as books?

  Bernie wrote @

It looks great but it doesn’t stand up, yet it works asafinger puppet. Weird.

  Bernie wrote @

Oh yeah, I made an origami obi wan!!! And it can basically be used as any Jedi or sith because the face is drawn on.

  SuperFolder Boba Fett wrote @

Hmmm.origami instructions for R2D2 and Jabba now i need C3P0 to (sort of) complete my collection!

  Yoda wrote @


  Parker wrote @

Tom where would i get a pre printed wookie paper

  Parker wrote @

oh you could email me a picture of pre printed wookie paper

  brandon wrote @

Can I Have Some Pre Printed Wookie Paper

  superfolder dom wrote @

I’ve got the moves like Jabba.

  jhill36 wrote @

be more descriptive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Vale Treaty wrote @

When i made Jabba, I found out the open mouth went all around him. Was that suppose to happen?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Ha ha, yes.

  Colton Garrett wrote @

Tom Angleberger what about those jedi aliens or squid people how do you make those?they are somtimes reconized.

  10cocoa wrote @

Monsterly bolt Jabba and Crum!

  valetreaty wrote @

Is it possible to get other printed paper? Like, do you have paper for Origami Yoda or Darth Paper or something?

  valetreaty wrote @

Also, will there be folds for other characters in starwars in the Art2-D2 book? Like, General Grevious or a clone trooper or a Darth Maul?

  valetreaty wrote @

Also, will there be a cover Art2-D2? like there was simple yoda, intermediate yoda, and a cover yoda(complex). Same thing for Darth Paper too.

  THE-1-0 wrote @

your on your way man!

  Ali wrote @

Are you going to put general grievous in the art2d2 book

  Timothy Nelson wrote @

You should call him jabba the fold

  Ryan wrote @

Seems hard!

  chewie860 wrote @

I did the Front cover yoda!
but hard…..
Can’t wait for art2-d2
oh i saw you make the storm trooper helmet hard…….

  juwuh wrote @

it is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard for me

  Super-Folder James wrote @

is their any other easier jabbas

  General Grievous wrote @

ya know I like Grievous, well my favorite line from “The Secret of the Fortune Wokiee” is “Frankly I wish my arms where longer…” LOL

  awsome man! wrote @

Total rockets! P.S I know how to make princess leia

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

I read book so I know what game is. It is a pencil star wars game in space where you have either tie or x-wing star fighters and are flicking pencils at each other.(read book for more details)

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

I have invented 20 origami star wars characters!!! Ooh I cant wait for my post to be put on the website!!

  tails234567 wrote @

I’m going to make java

  Momotaps wrote @


  tails234567 wrote @

ops I ment to say Jabba

  Alex wrote @

Made the little guy. Couldn’t make Jaba.

  diego wrote @

i love origami star wars good books

  Super folder Samuel wrote @

I made a origami ewo

  Darth Yoda wrote @

This is the cover star for the fourth book now too.

  phantom148 wrote @

Total rockets

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett!

Can’t wait for Book 4!

  Brandon wrote @

hey Tom, i am super folder brandon123. i think i will show you how to make Luke Paper-walker. my friends and i came up with it. e-mail me

  atomicnarwhal02 wrote @

I made my own Jabba origami design once. I had to tape the front, but, it made a Jabba finger puppet!

  the new guy wrote @


  the new guy wrote @

i invented a origami luke skywalker, by the way.

  superfoldergav in wrote @

(0) (0)

  goldmen34 wrote @

i invented a tounge for jabba the puppet

  super folder yami wrote @

Anyone notice how may the fourth sounds like may the FORCE?

  brandon wrote @

That’s the point.

  Jarrett Tyree wrote @


  oy guy wrote @


  JAWA wrote @

make a book about jawas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SF Griffin wrote @

Ugh,why is everyone obsessed with Jawas these days?

  cooldude111 wrote @

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  cooldude111 wrote @

Oh it was a bit hard

  Connor Cook wrote @

how do you make the cover jabba?

  goldmen34 wrote @

i like the yoda thats on the first books cover

  random folds wrote @

its easy

  origamimaster272 wrote @

a little bit hard

  EpIcJwd wrote @

Tom Can You Come Out with a Movie for all the books and also can u make a book about grevious [i think i spelled it right]

  EpIcJwd wrote @

And Also Make instructions for grevious

  hi wrote @

its in ART2D2’S guide to folding & doodling

  stooky folds wrote @

its so simple

  brandon wrote @

The Game Is Paper Star Wars You know the one where you flick pencils!!!
I played it a few times.

  bunnymaster wrote @

me and my friends are almost experts we added portals and Jango Fett with clones!

  SW Andon And Deluxe Darth Paper wrote @

i made one,but he has no tail lol!

  SW Andon And Deluxe Darth Paper wrote @

i made one,but he has no tail lol!

plus i made mine a finger puppet that’s why he has no tail.

  charlie wrote @

wow im so shocked there making a new Origami yoda book!!! -charliecolt45

  Origami Toby wrote @

I totally found out how to make Salicious Crumb’s ears, Stooky!

  J34h44 wrote @


  superfolderyami wrote @

Awesome (reapeat ten times)

  Anonymous wrote @

I know how to make the cover art2!

  hi wrote @

I did! its awesome

  Anonymous wrote @


  Newbie wrote @

how do u fold a jabba the puppett like the one on the cover of the surprise attack of jabba the puppett?

  Luke sky walker wrote @

I made the Jabba from the cover but there is a space to put your finger in(it’s under the mouth).

  mekell05 wrote @

how do you. i whanted to find out so much i had a dream with it and i found out my own way to fold it.

  hi wrote @


  sf BILL wrote @

wow very stooky! i made the cover jabba the puppett

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

with a few tweaks to the tail, you can make the real jabba!!

  hi wrote @

I aggree!! A LOT!!!

  Colby wrote @

im horrible with pleats, so it was kind of hard for me.

  Bryan wrote @


  origami jedi master yoda wrote @


  R2-JUANO wrote @

to me salacios crumb is to hard

  Jason wrote @

Me to.

  yoda’s duddy wrote @


  Admiral Ackbar wrote @

I found out how to turn that version of jabba into a puppet. Totally Stooky

  Jason wrote @

Me to i just tape a strip of paper on the back.

  Jason wrote @

Admiral Ackbar, How do you do it?

  Anonymous wrote @

shut up! did you really?

  Jason wrote @


  SF jimmy rocks wrote @

wow these instructions are great! P.S i can use it as a finger puppet.

  Monsuno Master wrote @

Not how to fold real jabba

  $AM wrote @


  OY wrote @

No….. Try not…. Do.. or do not.. there is no try

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