Origami C3P0 Folding ideas (not full instructions…)

Hey SuperFolders!
You guys are really persistent about these C3P0 instructions!
I don’t have full instructions, but here are some general ideas about how to make one…

I’m not sure I can explain c3po. It was just one sneaky move after

It’s got some similarities to R2D2 actually. You just start
with the paper “tall.”

Basically, you make a massive pleat near the middle.And then another
facing it. This creates a head and a body with a sort of neck in

The head is then made as narrow as possible and shaped. (it has a
pleat in it for the mouth.)

The body is folded with a couple of diagonal pleats to create that
rib cage thing c3p0 has.

The arms are just an illusion. Remember how you shorten r2d2’s body?
Same thing for C3P0. By shortening the body, it makes the arms appear

The back is going to be a mess!!! And it’s just barely going to be a puppet.

I realize this wasn’t super helpful, but maybe it’ll get you started….


  Yodamaster wrote @

cool! thanks!

  superfolderchad wrote @

post a vid or photos on the steps tom plzzzz

  origami man wrote @

yah it would be awesome to make instructional videos

  JC wrote @


  JC wrote @

Thank you!!!

  Ace Folder Max wrote @

I figured out how to fold Threepio. It’s not perfect,but it’s very close……

  Wicket Warrick wrote @

yeah! success!

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

Is’int there instrouctions for origami c3po in 6 steps on squidoo? why not go to squidoo and tipe up origami star wars, and scrol down until you see origami c3po made in 6 steps. just saying.

  oyitleader wrote @

those instructions kirk are for a diferent c3po.

  oyitleader wrote @

i agree with chad. i think it should have drawings or photos.

  Isaiah Chadney wrote @

Post a vid and make it go slo mo please

  cn wrote @

instrictions please

  cn wrote @

oops i meant instructions

  awesomeness wrote @

please put up c3po instructions

  awesomeness wrote @

YES!!!!!!!!!!! I FIGURED OUT C3PO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCORE

  SUPER FOLDER Gav wrote @

it was tricky but someone, (probably one of my little brothers) trashed it. so i looked on google images and found a soooooper easy one and folded them all of the time for about a whole weekend!

  alex wrote @

hey guys i figured out a desighn for c3po it looks a bit like that i will make a good version that has cleaner folds and not wrinkles then i will colour it so yay!!!! and ps: im not lying look at the home page it will be on soon sf alexs c3po

  Jesse wrote @

Seems pretty good. :-)

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

I made one that LOOKS like Tom’s C3PO, however, it is Kirigami. I cut the paper, but it looks (Almost) EXACTLY LIKE TOM’S!!!!!

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