New cover Yoda by SuperFolder CYM

Wow! Here’s a new Cover Yoda that looks like the real thing!

Great job SuperFolder CYM!
(that’s Cover Yoda Master)

Here are his instructions for making the robe…. (I’m afraid one picture got out of order…. sorry!–Webmaster Sam)

fold in half

fold top corners in, but not too close to the middle
P.S it helps to pinch the centre of the rectangle

unfold corners and then fold corners to crease mark

Now fold it all in

for added effect,
turn over fold bottom corners in like so…

Now wrap around deluxe yoda…


  Yodamaster wrote @

YEAH! FIRST TO COMMENT! That is awesome! Will you make instructions? Please do!

  CoverOrigamiYodaMaster wrote @

Yes draw them I will

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @

instructions will be posted by Tom soon…

  Joeyyodafan wrote @

make instructions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  CoverOrigamiYodaMaster wrote @


*Yoda told me to*

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @

instructions will be posted by Tom soon….

  SuperFolder Nicholas wrote @

CoverOrigamiYodaMaster is also Me

  SuperFolder Nicholas wrote @

its mirror image srry the hand is actually on the right

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @


  SuperFolder CYM wrote @

CoverOrigamiYodaMaster is also Me!!!

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @

Its a mirror image because i used a webcam so the arm is right hand like the cover

  Ace Folder Max wrote @

I’ve been working really hard to make a cover Yoda, and i;m REALLY close!!!!

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @

keep folding im sure u will get it

  joshua benson wrote @

very nice!

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @

thank u instructions soon

  SuperFolder Nicholas wrote @

oh yeah WUG™

  guyontheinternet221 wrote @

MAKE (simple) INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @

well to tell u the truth its soooo much easier than it looks!!!!=)

  JC wrote @

And they are…?

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @

instructions will be posted by Tom soon………,..

  JC wrote @

BTW I love the look of it!

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @


  SuperFolder CYM wrote @


  Ace Folder Max wrote @

Update: I have officily cracked the cover yoda mystery

  SuperFolder CYM wrote @


  SuperFolder CYM wrote @

i got a piece of green metallic paper thats white on the other side, then cut a small rectangle not sure about dimensions sorry=(, fold up one end a little bit so it makes a good hilt, then fold it till its skinny enough!!! hope u have fun making a yoda!!!!!!!!!

  Zachary wrote @

Sweet! Cool yoda! How did you make the lightsaber?

  aaron wrote @

how to make body

  Superfolder Bailey wrote @

how did you make the head?in the instructions it just skips from robes to head.

  leocow wrote @

Hey my origami tottaly jedi wise!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q

  Origami Yoda wrote @

i invented my own ez cover yoda

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