SuperFolder Edwin folds the Kawahata Yoda!

Only a few SuperFolders have been able to make a cover Yoda…
Even fewer have been able to fold the world’s greatest origami Yoda, the Kawahata Yoda…
(Sadly, I am not one of them. It’s too hard for me!)

Well, now we add another SuperFolder to that very short list: SuperFolder Edwin…

Congratulations, Edwin!


  Ben da man wrote @

I made that! If you really set your mind to it, and watch the videos closely, it’s actually a tiny bit easy!

  JC wrote @


  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @


  Yodamaster wrote @

Wow, that’s some serious folding, great job!

  Ben da man wrote @

I didn’t fold the nose wrong, it just wasn’t staying in place. P.S. It looks like an animal nose…

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

Leave Edwin alone you big meanie!

  Nathan D. wrote @

Even though it took like a million tries i can fold that.

  tedmeister7 wrote @

WOW…I’m just starting it and it can get REALLY confusing…

  Superfolder Landon wrote @

That is really hard even I do not understand it!

  Empaper wrote @

Tom, it is okay that you cannot make the kawahta yoda…because I just can’t either.

  Brady wrote @


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