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How to fold EZ Darth Paper video + all about Ben

Howdy SuperFolders!!!!!
Ready for EZ Darth Paper?
You’re going to love him!

direct video link

Now…. About Ben!

When you see the video, you’ll learn a bit about Ben, better known as SuperFolder Ben!

SuperFolder Ben is actually going to be in the book. Why? Because he is the one who invented this EZ Darth Paper!

Now, a lot of SuperFolders have sent me a lot of awesome stuff. Ben just happened to send me exactly what I needed for the book…. An easier way to make Darth Paper. The old way (my may) was fine for your SuperFolders, but I wanted something that was as quick and easy as EZ Yoda.

Ben’s great idea was to adapt the EZ Yoda instructions for Darth Paper. As soon as I saw what he had done, I realized he had done much better than I had.
He wanted me to post his instructions on this site…. But I realized he had come up with something bigger!
So we made a deal… He let me use his instructions in Darth Paper Strikes Back and I put him in the book. Kellen even drew his picture. Ben has done an great job of keeping this secret all this time!!

Now, if I were you I’d be jealous of Ben… But don’t be. He’s a super nice guy who had the right idea at the right time.

Keep sending in cool stuff and who knows…. You might end up in a book someday, too!

Important contest news

It doesn’t look like the judges will have an answer by July 30. It my take a few more days.

Also… It looks like winners won’t be getting their books until right befor Aug. 23. Maybe even Aug. 22. Sorry about that…. but at least it’s early … and FREE!

My first Darth Paper?

I found this old thing today while working on a video….

May have been the first or second Darth Paper I made.
Notice that it doesn’t have the eyebrow ridges yet and it seems to have … Arms?


I remember being really excited about making a good one, but not having much black paper on hand. For this one I used some old Origami Yoda bookmark paper or some such…


As you can see, it’s getting much closer to the Cover Vader…


(this is the German cover by the way!)

You guys have seen the giant cardboard R2-D2, right?

On the Star Wars blog…

Maybe I could write a book… “Mystery of the Giant Cardboard Droid…” Any plot ideas?

Speaking of SuperDrawers….

Have you seen the Origami Yoda artwork over at

Awesome Origami Yoda Art by SuperDrawer Mack!

This dude named Mack wrote a review of my book and drew this stooky picture to go with it!

Thans for letting me put it on this site, Mack! It’s totally rockets!

Stooky! There’s less than a month to go until Darth Paper Strikes Back!!!

SuperFolders… I want to let you in on a little secret before everyone else finds out.

The secret is: Stooky.

Once Darth Paper comes out, everyone will know about Stooky. It will be a national catchphrase. It’ll be on t-shirts. The president will say it to try to look cool. They’ll carve it on Mt. Rushmore.

But if you start saying it now, you’ll be first! You SuperFolders will be ahead of the game. You can say, “I was saying Stooky before Stooky was cool.”

It’s pronounced stew-key and you can spell it Stooky, stooki, stookie or even stookiee.

It’s both a noun and an adjective.
What does it mean? Well, that’s debatable, but it’s definitly a good thing.
You might say…
“HEY, STOOKY!” when you see your best friend.

or, “Dude, that’s totally stooky,” if you like something a lot.

Or maybe you just say…