SuperFolder Nicholas is in with his own Cover Yoda!

Just gaze upon the beauty of this!


Okay, so that’s two SuperDuperFolders who have watched the video and mastered the True Cover Yoda.

Who will be #3? ( not me!)


  oyitleader wrote @

i will! i figured out how to make a 1 peice of paper cover yoda. but do you thibk i can get a close up of the hand?

  SuperFolder Nicholas wrote @

yay thanks tom im a super duper folder now

  superfolderJoey wrote @

I already made one.

  Tom wrote @

I’ve made one too

  StarWarsFreak4837 wrote @

I made a Kiragami cover Yoda. I had to tape the head on to the robe and I had to cut the ears out and tape them to the head. I also included the hand and the lightsaber! It’s not real origami but it looks quite similar to the guy on the book!

  joshua benson wrote @

hey guys i went to see the smurfs today and it was great i rate it better than spiderman 3

  rockhopper1999 wrote @

i saw that movie too! it was smurfy!

  Houston wrote @


  jr wrote @

make a youtube video please.

  Matt wrote @


  Superfolder Bailey(or Recon) wrote @

Yeah,sweet yoda!

  rocket wrote @

made it posted instrux to it might not have posted yet i dunno

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