My first Darth Paper?

I found this old thing today while working on a video….

May have been the first or second Darth Paper I made.
Notice that it doesn’t have the eyebrow ridges yet and it seems to have … Arms?


I remember being really excited about making a good one, but not having much black paper on hand. For this one I used some old Origami Yoda bookmark paper or some such…


As you can see, it’s getting much closer to the Cover Vader…


(this is the German cover by the way!)


  SuperFolder Colin wrote @

How do you fold the cover Darth? And the E-Z Darth?

  JC wrote @

That’s Awesome!

  superfolderJoey wrote @

Tom im not going to be here when you anounce the winner of the contest so just in case I win whatever the oath I well obey the oath and not tell anyone anything that lies in the book

  superfolderchad wrote @

hey its the ez fold vader instructions in the background

  Ace Folder Max wrote @

Plastic Dinosaurs!!!!

  joshua benson wrote @


  oyitleader wrote @

tom, do you remember how to fold your “first vader”?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thankfully, no!

  Chloe wrote @

How did you make your first one? How do you even figure them out?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Well, I’ve done origami for years, so I’ve learned a lot of folds. Then I just fiddle with a piece of paper trying to get what I want. With Yoda I wanted two ears. With Vader I wanted that triangular faceplate.
Once you get the main thing, you see what you have to work with to make the rest…

I get a LOT of rejects, by the way!

  SuperFolder Colin wrote @

How to fold the Cover Vader?

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