Want to talk about the new Darth Paper book? Do it here. SPOILER ALERT

Hey, SuperFolders!
Now that most of you have had a chance to read the new book, I thought you might want a place where you could talk/comment about it.

If you HAVEN’T read the book, then don’t look at the comments, because Spoilers ARE allowed here!


  Yodamaster wrote @

Finally. Well, fist, I just can’t believe Dwight left. What’s gonna happen? And that picure kellen drew about the votng thing. Also, Havey turned out to be good!!!!!!!!!!

  josh wrote @

wug hi yoda master

  Super-Genius Super-Folder Derek wrote @

i think harvey is still evil! dwight better be comin back! im making a homeade vote poster! anybody need me to make origami star wars anything!? chewie and jarjar are in the works

  Superfolder Megan wrote @

i am doing a poster for Dwight to
Superfolders think alike!

  SuperFolder Colin wrote @

I drew an Anakin face too! (Along with Harvey)

  Ace Folder Max wrote @

Me three!!

  unnamed wrote @

Me four

  michael wrote @

I like the drawing of the origamiyoda toy from wendy’s.:)

  SuperFolder Colin wrote @

That was clever. ;)

  Will wrote @

best drawing in the book in my opinion

  Hannah wrote @

i would love to know if a new book is coming out. finish the questions!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!

  Michael wrote @

best one yet

  michael wrote @

So there is another michael on this website!!!!Stooky!!!!!!!!!:)

  Michael wrote @

principal rabbski looks EXACTLY like my elementary school pricipal same EXACT personality. who did you base her on?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

She’s based on a teacher from my middle school…

  Michael wrote @


[…] wow. I could have *filled* a notebook last week at Tom Angleberger’s Darth Paper Strikes Back book signing at Bookpeople in Austin. I could have… but I was laughing too hard to take any […]

  rockhopper1999 wrote @

i dont think harvey is evil, after finishing the book, but he is still a jerk. i think rabbski is much more evil. she didnt even consider letting dwight stay at school. i liked the book alot.

  rockhopper1999 wrote @

has anybody heard about hurricane irene? its going up the east coast, and will hit my town later today. its not going to be too bad though.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Wait, ur town is in which stare, RI?

  yoda237 wrote @

I think hurricane irene is only a catagory 1

  DarthPaperFreak4697 wrote @

The end of Darth Paper Strikes Back is so sad! Maybe the next book will be about Dwight’s new school!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

No, dude, it’s a happy ending!

  Superfolder JC wrote @

A Happy Ending?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Well, sort of….

  super folder oscarH wrote @

cool hurricane!!

  Superfolder JC wrote @

So, which school will be followed?
Tippet, or McQuarrie?
‘Cause if it’s McQuarrie, they have the 5-fold Origami Yoda, and if it’s Tippet, then Dwight has Origami Yoda!

  BeybladeMetalMaster (AustinM) wrote @

I loved Darth Paper!

  Super-Genius Super-Folder Derek wrote @

wug wug!

  Ace Folder Max wrote @

You forgot Plastic Dinosaurs and Stooky!

  Will wrote @

Personaly i thought harvey was still the biggest jerk in school but in my opinion if darth paper really is a magic finger puppet (like harvey said) than i believe that darth paper was good or nice or happy orblah blah blah what really shocked me was when dwight wrote the letter and gave tommy the real origami yoda but it was a pretty good plan to put him in the letter to hide it from his mom… And even better news origami yoda apparently isnt just dwight talking as yoda said “jedi mind trick have heard of you not?” well i cant wait till the next book and even though tom already wrote it i hope that the origami star is Origami Jango fett!!!
thanks and happy folding


  Wesley wrote @

I can’t wait for the sequel!!!

  michael wrote @

I hope its Chewie and Han.

  josh wrote @

hey guys this is my next made up word tom please do not use this in a book


  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Oops, I already used Bibzy in the book!

  josh benson wrote @


  Yodamaster wrote @

EVERYBODY DO THE MOOPY PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Will wrote @


  Ace Folder Max wrote @

Plastic Dinosaurs!!!!!!

  Salvador Derek Mesa wrote @

i made a custom yoda with 5 fold and apaper with a hand

  SuperFolder Derek wrote @

Cool! Another derek!

  Yoda237$ wrote @

I can’t figure out who won!

  Superfolder Megan wrote @

wow i love the book
but what is dwight going to do i mean hes moving to a different school
and is origami chewbacca the star of the next book

  michael wrote @

I like the drawing of yoda with a nose!!

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