Tommy’s Head Contest — Creative Winner

As you know by now, the correct answer to the Tommy’s Head question was that Tommy took Yoda’s advice and got a supershort haircut. SuperFolder Jackson had the fastest answer and won the original artwork from the book.

However, I also said there might be a winner for the most creative entry.
There were some good ones, but this one was just so very very weird that I had to give it a prize:

this is how tommys head got shaved
by SuperFolder Derek

origami yoda heard tommy say something rude about dwight so dwight called the angry bird, his best friend who always has his back, dwight told the angry bird to shave his head. the angry bird got sick so he called alfred e neuman to do it, so when tommy went to sleep he tried but he fell asleep because he’d been staying up all night watching reruns of marine boy, so when he woke up he called handy smurf to do it but handy was captured by azrael and was saved by papa smurf so handy called the skinny piece of celeri that exercises and eats chocolate to do it so the celeri went to tommy and shaved his head.
that’s my answer on how his head was shaved

Not sure what to send him…. maybe a free punctuation lesson! Hee hee, just kidding Derek!


  superfolderchad wrote @

Isn’t Alfred e neuman the boy from mad? Because he’s funny I watch mad all the time

  Super-Genius Super-Folder Derek wrote @

hes made mad

  Superfolder JC wrote @

Maybe, Tom, you could give him a signed Darth Paper!

  Yodamaster wrote @

Tom, I know you you could send that free lesson to, Bobafett1212!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Nathan D. wrote @

man, i wanted that bad and i had the SAME ANSWER AS THE WINNER! oh well. i guess i was just too slow

  Super-Genius Super-Folder Derek wrote @

yeah right!

  Nathan D. wrote @

dude, I swear to &@$ that i had the same answer, and i don’t lie when i swear!

  Super-Genius Super-Folder Derek wrote @

No offense but I’m the winner and no I don’t believe you did

  Yodamaster wrote @

Hye Tom, you STILL havn’t gotten the book yet? Sorry I’ve been asking about it a lot, I’m just so eager like that!

  Yodamaster wrote @

Hey Tom, you STILL havn’t gotten the book yet? Sorry I’ve been asking about it a lot, I’m just so eager like that!
I spelled this comment wrong the first time.

  superfolderchad wrote @

Hey tom when are you gonna post your origami wampa

  Sean L from SMS guys read wrote @

An Angry bird… oookay…
which color though? XD

  Superfolder supergenius derek wrote @

It was the yellow one

  Super-Genius Super-Folder Derek wrote @


  Superfolder JC wrote @

I bet it was the GIANT EAGLE!!!!!

  Superfolder JC wrote @

PS not available in Rio edition.

  yoda5447 wrote @

I seriously wish it was. I only have rio one

  rockhopper1999 wrote @

i know! wish it was…

  yoda5447 wrote @

Remember that im the same yoda5447.
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