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SuperFolder Origami Collections!

Stook these photos of SuperFolders’ collections:

SuperFolder Jonathan’s collection is small, but he’s off to a great start!

SuperFolder Ethan has some cool characters in his collection!

And SuperFolderYoda has a HUGE collection!

SuperFolder sighting! Um Hi Guy AKA SuperFolder Jackson

While I was signing books at the National Book Festival in DC, this dude came up and his shirt said Um Hi…


It was the Um Hi Guy himself, Jackson F! ( he got the name because so many if his comments and emails start “um, hi. ”

It was awesome to meet him in person and look what he brought:

It’s Origami Rockstar Tom with Origami Einstein!!!

Incredible new Origami Vader design by SuperFolder Zachary!!

Zachary came to my signing near San Francisco and showed me this incredible new way to fold Darth Paper! Amazing how he worked out so many face and helmet details!!!


SuperFolder Danny’s cover Yoda!

I like this cover Yoda by SuperFolder Danny! He’s got a lot of personality!

SuperFolder Will’s Kawahata Yoda Puppet!

SuperFolder Will has joined that ELITE group of SuperFolders who have folded the Kawahata Yoda! I am not in that group yet… :(

And Will proves that, yes, Kawahata’s Yoda makes a great puppet, too!

News for SuperFolders!

Hello SuperFolders!
I am home visiting my family and dogs very briefly before I fly away again… this time to California!
I hope to see some of you West Coast SuperFolders out there!

It’s hard to handle the Website when I’m on the road and WebMaster Sam, as you know, is in the Antarctic right now….

SO if you’ve sent me something a photo of some awesome origami in th last month or so and I haven’t posted it yet, feel free to remind me. (If you sent it in the last week, I probably have it but just haven’t had a chance to post it yet. If you sent in a bunch of photos and I only showed one, that means I picked that one as the best.)

There’s been some good news! Not only is Darth Paper on the NYT bestseller list but he actually helped Origami Yoda get on the list for the first time. That’s right, DP helped OY!!!
Of course, you SuperFolders have helped a lot with that too and I really appreciate it! Who knows, we might get to #1 yet!!!

Also, Darth Paper has received a starred review from Kirkus. This is the first starred review for any of my 5 books! So I’m pretty excited about that!

One bit of bad news… this chat business has got some people really upset. I think you guys should take a break and start over from scratch… with no one banned! If you can get that working, I will definitely come by and chat again!

SuperFolder Colin’s Origami Luke Skywalker!

Colin has a good reason to be happy! His Luke Skywalker origami rocks!!