A brand-new way to make Darth Paper by SuperFolder Yoda! With instructions!

Wow, check out this really detailed Darth Paper….

And look! Instructions!

Nice work, SuperFolder Yoda! Really fine folding and attention to detail!


  Superfolder JC wrote @

An interesting way to do it…
Ps First Comment!

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

wasn’t this already posted?

  SuperFolderChewie wrote @

on my blog yes but it looks similar to the other 1

  Yodamaster wrote @


  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

Thanks! Btw this was my first design of this Darth Paper. I love this design alot more than the other Darth Papers…

  Yodamaster wrote @

Dude, tht was mean to Tom. Geez, everyone’s a critic.

  bobafett1212 wrote @


  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

This was not posted although it looked similar to this other one

  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

Were the instructions good Tom?

  Dwightrules wrote @

I had a dream where I made this.

  Dwightrules wrote @

Hey where are steps 3 and 4?!

  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

Sorry I forgot those because I had to do some editing and F.Y.I. you never made this even though it was a dream! LOL!

  eric wrote @

thats cool have you tried making jenga fold

  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

A Jenga fold?

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