Cover Darth Vader instructions!!!!!!!

This is a day that will be long remembered, it has seen the posting of the Cover Yoda instructions…. And now it will see the posting of SuperFolder Edwin’s Cover Vader instructions!!!!!





  SuperFolderYonatan wrote @

Stooky. We needed this!

  luke wrote @


  SuperFolderTayler wrote @

you guys realize that the cover instrux are harvey’s. Even check! These are a copy!

  SuperFolder Edwin wrote @

No, these are for the belt area. If you make it, it looks a little different. It looks more like the actual cover darth paper.

  SuperFolder Edwin wrote @

I couldn’t of folded it without Tom’s instructions, though. I just added on.

  Dwightrules wrote @

Wow, thanks!

  SuperFolder Edwin wrote @

You’re welcome!

  Superfolder JC wrote @


  SuperFolder Alo wrote @

I think this is the best Darth Paper EVER! Thanks Edwin!

  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

Sweet! Also, isn’t the instructions Harvey’s DP, but just re-made with the belt? And Tom, please post my Yoda it’s been about 2 weeks!

  Superfolder Eash wrote @


  luke wrote @

you know go to the ‘how to fold’ button and you will see darthpaper instructions study it and then study this one and you will see they are the SAME instructions from the head to the strip where you put on the back

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

No these have a crucial difference I believe, which makes it look more like the cover…

  momkeyman 237 wrote @

i love it even if it is harveys darth paper

  momkeyman 237 wrote @

i just made it and its super BEAST!!!!!!!

  superfolder david wrote @

This thing is so awesome, I wanna start party rockin’!!!!!! Thanks dude !!!! You are TOTAL stookiness!!! By the way, I have TOTALLY figured out how to fold a origami snowtrooper finger puppet!!! You have to gule on a small strip of paper to use it as a puppet, but its totally plastic dinosaurs!!!

  superfolder david wrote @

i meant u gotta glue on a sall strip of paper

  superfolder david wrote @

i mean small

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